Customs, traditions, handicrafts, traditional food, wicket baskets, folk dancing and more.
North Cyprus
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Ravelin Gate
Ravelin Gate
photo by: TAK News Agency
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Northern Cyprus Culture

Children Folk Dancing
Children Folk Dancing
photo by: Ersin Taser
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North Cyprus positively overflows with historic sites, sandy beaches and magnificent views, but there is a lot more to this relaxing country than sightseeing and sand!

North Cyprus Customs and Traditions

What does it mean when a shopkeeper gives you a blue bead? How long should you leave your coffee cup when a guest in a Turkish Cypriot home?

Turkish Cypriots: the best hosts in the Mediterranean?

You’ll always find a warm welcome in North Cyprus, and rest assured, it isn’t just for show.

TRNC Flag on the Mountains

The flag of Turkish Cypriots painted on the Kyrenia moutainside is a memorial to their rescue from armed Greek Cypriots.

Turkish-Cypriot handicrafts

The best of North Cyprus to take home!
From practical, vibrant coloured baskets to exquisite lace, finding quality North Cyprus souvenirs is easy. Choosing which one to take home, however, is harder!

"Evil Eye" Blue Beads

Evil Eye Necklace
Evil Eye Necklace
photo by: Anonymous
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Protect yourself from your envious friends!
For centuries, people all over the Mediterranean have protected themselves and their property with these simple blue beads. Why are they so effective?

Lefkara lace work: Venetian designs, Turkish Cypriot skills.

When Cypriot women copied the fine fashions of their Venetians invaders, little did they know that hundreds of years later, their exquisite lace work would be in high demand.

North Cyprus wicket baskets: practical, beautiful

In these days when supermarkets are encouraging us to use less plastic bags, what could be more useful and ecologically friendly than a basket made from natural, renewable materials? Of course, the Turkish Cypriots have been making them for years!

Tavli, or North Cyprus backgammon

photo by: Ersin Taser
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Thought board games were dull? Not this one!

Northern Cyprus Folk Dancing: history rediscovered

Not only does North Cyprus folk dancing show the diverse history and origins of the islanders over the past millenuium, but it also involves grown men dancing with swords and sickles!

North Cyprus Festivals

Whether it’s a reggae group in an ancient Roman theatre or a celebration of the grape harvest in the Karpas peninsula, it’s always going to be a very special occasion in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Music

From classical recitals in the ruins of Bellapais Abbey to jazz by Kyrenia’s Venetian harbour, or cutting edge dance music under the stars on a moonlit beach, the music in North Cyprus is as special as the setting.

North Cyprus legends

Home to goddesses, giants and saints, North Cyprus has legends to spare.