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Arabahmet Old House
Arabahmet Old House
photo by: Nick Leonard
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North Cyprus Hotels

Acapulco Beach Club

North Cyprus hotels: a history of hospitality

From the ancient invaders who built their palaces and castles here, to the celebrities of the 1960s and 70s, North Cyprus has always been a great place to stay.  In the tradition of the fine hotels that made Famagusta THE place to be seen during the 1960s, today’s North Cyprus hotels are a wonderful mix of modern amenities and old-fashioned service.

North Cyprus hotels, a time to relax

Fed up with cooking and cleaning? Leave all that behind and stay in a North Cyprus hotel, where the most effort you’ll have to make is deciding which cocktail to order next! Unlike a North Cyprus villa holiday, hotels in Northern Cyprus offer you the chance to let someone else do all the work, while you concentrate on enjoying yourself!

Choosing your North Cyprus Hotel

Choosing the best hotel in Northern Cyprus for you is just like buying a house – think location, location – and location!

If you are a beach bum, make sure you grab a hotel with a private beach like Acapulco Beach Club & Resort Hotel.

If you after Ottoman luxury, try the new Savoy Ottoman Hotel in the heart of Kyrenia.

Visit to read hotel reviews before you make you final decision on your North Cyprus hotel.

Kaya Artemis Resort Hotel

North Cyprus hotels by the sea: beaches on your doorstep

Do you want a hotel in North Cyprus beside the warm Mediterranean Sea, where glorious, golden sandy beaches are just yards away? Imagine stepping out from your hotel and straight onto a clean private beach, reserved just for you and other guests to enjoy. There’s always someone from your North Cyprus hotel staff to serve you a cool drink, or ensure you are really relaxing under a shady umbrella. The kids can play happily in the sand, before a tasty lunch at your North Cyprus hotel’s beachside restaurant beckons. Then, in the afternoon, perhaps enjoy water sports laid on by your North Cyprus hotel, or just top up the tan some more!

Northern Cyprus hotels in the mountains; a cool place to stay!

Or consider a North Cyprus hotel tucked in the foothills of the spectacular Kyrenia mountains. From the moment you throw open the windows and admire the views, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice for a relaxing holiday in Northern Cyprus. As cool breezes fan your face, you’ll smell the pines and drift away, happy in the knowledge that your North Cyprus hotel pool is just yards away, and the bar even closer!

North Cyprus town hotels – for unbeatable atmosphere

For those who love night time atmosphere, choose a North Cyprus hotel that’s right in the heart of town. The British Hotel, overlooking the Kyrenia Harbour, is an excellent choice. With a wide choice of bars and restaurants within easy walking distance, you can enjoy all the atmosphere of a historic hotel in North Cyprus, or the great amenities of a stylish modern Northern Cypriot hotel that will make your stay one to remember.

Flying to North Cyprus over Istanbul?

Flying to North Cyprus' Ercan Airport usually means a touchdown in Turkey. If you book your flight accordingly, you have the option to stay a night or two in Istanbul and experience the pretty magical city, the Bosphorus, Taksim square and visit historical sights, Ayia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace and more. You can use Istanbul Hotel Booker to book your hotel in Istanbul.

Booking your North Cyprus hotel

Cyprus44 makes it so easy to book your ideal hotel in North Cyprus. Browse our selection of the top hotels in North Cyprus, confident in the knowledge that we show you only the best hotels – and the best deals! Our booking site is safe and secure, so click here to get the best North Cyprus hotels rates on the web.