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What makes a good Estate Agent?

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Joined: 07/06/2007
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Message Posted:
12/02/2009 14:43

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There's always lots of suggestions flying around re. who is a good agent and who isn't but what makes an agent good?

Is it down to knowledge of construction? or knowledge of the social/political etc situation?

Is it international property experience and an understanding of what makes a winning development and what doesn't?

Or is it because they look like your mum and have a pleasant approach?

I personally believe it is their job to show you properties that fit your criteria, give you some info on the neighbourhood and history and steer you away from known dodgy builders or locations, backed up with evidence and also advise on codes and regulations - Period.

The rest of it I leave down to my own research, gut instinct, advice from people in the building game and legal input from more than one lawyer.


Joined: 10/11/2008
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Message Posted:
12/02/2009 14:45

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Doesn't matter which agent you use - no one agent can deal with every property that is on the market, so go to several...

Remember the golden rule:

An estate agent is employed by the seller and has his best interests in mind......


Kitty Kat Jac

Joined: 18/03/2008
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Message Posted:
12/02/2009 15:04

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I am an Estate Agent so i would say ME!


Joined: 14/05/2007
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Message Posted:
12/02/2009 15:07

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A permanently attached lie detector. mains would be better than a battery!


Joined: 28/10/2008
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Message Posted:
12/02/2009 15:12

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our agent was the only one who owned up to knowing the development we wanted to buy on having seen it on the internet back in UK !! 3 others denied all knowledge of it and a well known agent could see it from his office although in the distance!!! our agent also gave us a comprehensive guide and check list to buying in north cyprus which we were grateful for and found invaluable ! he is Turkish and is a very pleasant man who helped us negotiate even after the purchase with changes and extras which he monitored for us regularly and emaild us its progress ! true he gets commission but a man has to feed his family so no grudges there !


Joined: 07/01/2009
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Message Posted:
13/02/2009 13:26

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A good estate agent:

Dear All,

I was worked before for about 2 years as a estate agent in Turkey. Most of my clients were english and some foreign inverstors. I am not in the business anymore but I have still contact with my old clients and I am still helping them to solve their local problems without any expectation! Mentality is very simple.

I did not get paid by sellers . My clients paid to me and I am still fighting for them like a tiger. You know! At the end of the day its nice to receive emails and calls from your old clients.

- Must be 100 % trustable

- A good estate agent must be employed by buyer. Its simple no buying no money!

-A good estate agent has to has a good business back ground. Mistakes cost a lot.

-A good estate agent must be keen. Being fool makes huge loss

You can count many articles as above. The golden rule , get in touch with many estate agent in the area that where you want to invest.Ask help and advice on the forums. Good luck!

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