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Village Coffee Shop
Village Coffee Shop
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Buying Property in North Cyprus

Esentepe Golf Course
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North Cyprus Property Buying Options

There are a wealth of different property for sale in North Cyprus, from modern villas and apartments to old houses. See the range of property for sale in Northern Cyprus here.

Discuss Property Issues

Participate in our exclusive North Cyprus Forums and share your opinion with us. Ask questions about property buying in North Cyprus and North Cyprus title deeds.

North Cyprus Property Investment

Buy property in Northern Cyprus, and you’re making an investment that could rise in value by up to 20% per annum. With returns this good, what are you waiting for? Here’s our guide to property investment in Northern Cyprus.

New property developments in North Cyprus

With new developments coming onto the North Cyprus market almost every week, how can you choose the development that’s right for you? Read our independent reviews of the top North Cyprus property developments, request brochures and view site pictures.

Latest North Cyprus Property News

Read the latest news on Cyprus property disputes, including Orams case and Arestis case. The European Court of Human Rights accepted the Immovable Property Commission which was established in the TRNC last year, as an "internal law procedure".

North Cyprus Furniture Shops

Tips on buying furniture in Northern Cyprus.
Cyprus44 recommends YATSAN Furniture Shop for all your furniture needs in North Cyprus.

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Why Buy Property in Northern Cyprus?

Take 300 days of glorious sunshine, add wonderful beaches and dramatic mountain, historic sights and friendly people. Now add property price rises of 20% and year round rental income potential. Interested in property for sale in North Cyprus? We should say so.

Property Buying Procedure in North Cyprus

It’s remarkably easy to buy property in North Cyprus, especially when you know how.

North Cyprus Property Insurance

Whether your home in North Cyprus is your main residence, or a holiday home, proper house insurance is an absolute necessity. However, choosing the right insurance firm for an overseas property doesn't mean you have to abandon the security of the UK insurance system.

Mortgages in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus mortgages are not as freely available as UK mortgages, so it is worth doing some homework before you start to look for your dream home in the sun.

Practical Advise on North Cyprus Property

Our guide to the best way to buy property in North Cyprus for beginners and property investors alike.

Shipping Freight to North Cyprus

North Cyprus shipping companies will take care of all aspects of shipping to North Cyprus, from collecting the goods, export packaging, correct labelling, and specialist storage.

Esentepe Golf Course in North Cyprus

What’s all the fuss about? Read our article of on this brand new golf course and see why Esentepe is the smart area to buy investment property in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Property Management

Your dream North Cyprus property deserves the best in tender loving care – even when you’re back at home! A property management company could be just the solution to keep your North Cyprus property investment in pristine condition, all year round.

North Cyprus Property Surveying

It is crucial that your North Cyprus villa or apartment is inspected before the final instalment payment is paid, to ensure that the snagging gets done.

North Cyprus Property Rental

Whether you rent out your own North Cyprus holiday property or buy as an investment, the potential rental returns on North Cyprus properties are looking good.

North Cyprus Title Deeds

Confused about North Cyprus title deeds? Don’t worry – our article gives you the details you need to know when buying property in North Cyprus.

Esentepe Properties

Join the rush for the hottest properties in the sun – those near a golf course. The new 18 hole international golf course at Esentepe is the ideal location to buy a property in North Cyprus, whether for holidays, investment – or golf!

British Community in North Cyprus

If you are looking for a property for sale in North Cyprus, you can rest assured many other British buyers have made the same decision before you – and are loving it. Here’s why.

Additional Costs When Buying Property in North Cyprus

Whether your chose to buy property in North Cyprus or North Yorkshire, there are always those hidden fees to consider. Here’s our guide to those extras you need to budget for when purchasing property in North Cyprus.

Orams' Case

This high profile court case revolves around a British couple and disputed land ownership in North Cyprus. With a legal team that includes Cherie Blair, wife of the British Prime Minister, it’s a case to keep an eye on if you are considering buying property in Northern Cyprus.

Is It Safe to Buy in Northern Cyprus?

The short answer is, yes, it is safe to buy property in Northern Cyprus if the title deeds are right. Here’s the longer answer!

North Cyprus Property Restrictions

Not many, to be honest, but once you know about them, you’ll be happy to start looking for property for sale in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Residence Permits

Permits are important, but there is always someone to help you through the process of applying. Here’s our guide to getting permits that enable you to buy property in Northern Cyprus, and live in it afterwards.

Work Permits for Foreigners in North Cyprus

If you want to live and work in North Cyprus, or apply for a job in North Cyprus, you’ll need to know about work permits.

Bringing Your Pet into North Cyprus

You can bring you pets to join you in the space and fresh air of North Cyprus; here’s how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions on property for sale in North Cyprus, and buying property in North Cyprus.