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Sunrise In Karpas
Sunrise In Karpas
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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North Cyprus Furniture Shops

YATSAN Furniture Shop in Lefkosa
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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You've got the keys, and finally your villa, apartment or house is yours, so now it's time to start buying furniture in Northern Cyprus.

At this point, it seems everyone wants to sell you North Cyprus furniture, especially your developer or estate agent, and there is a good reason for this. If they sell you a furniture pack, they get a discount from the furniture shop, but they rarely pass this discount on to you. Some North Cyprus furniture shops, such as Yatsan Furniture in Lefkosa, will give you the same discount as your developer, saving you money AND you get to try out the furniture and see it before you buy.

Rather than importing it, buying new furniture in North Cyprus has several advantages. You don't pay expensive shipping and storage costs, you can view and try out furniture in a local showroom, and it will have a TRNC guarantee should anything go wrong.

Click to Visit YATSAN Furniture Shop Website

When buying your North Cyprus furniture, it's always best to try before you buy, even if it's just a new mattress. Make sure you have accurate measurements of your new living room and bedrooms, and draw a quick sketch plan of where the windows and doors are. Now you can visit some North Cyprus furniture showrooms to find the ideal sofas, beds, tables etc for your home, confident that you'll know if they will fit in or not!

Choosing the right furniture for a North Cyprus property involves considering how the furniture will be used - and how often.

If your North Cyrus house is you permanent home, you'll want good quality furniture that is stylish, comfortable and reflects your tastes. If you have lots of visitors, you might wish to consider extra beds that store away, such as sofa beds, or singles with a pull-out twin section.

If your North Cyprus villa or apartment is used by you and your family as a holiday home, you'll want quality furniture that is ideal for relaxing, yet lasts for years with minimal care. Consider stowaway folding beds and extra storage too: a bed base with storage space underneath is ideal.

If you have a rental villa or apartment in Northern Cyprus, furniture should be smart yet tough, so your villa or apartment looks great all season long, however many rental clients you have! Choose fabrics rather than leather, and have all furnishings treated with anti-stain coatings, so any spills can easily be mopped up. Choose removable covers for sofas wherever possible, or living room furniture styles with cushions that can be replaced if the worst happens.

Buying furniture in Northern Cyprus is certainly a lot easier than it used to be. Furniture shops and showrooms are finally realising that you, the customer, do want to try before you buy. It is well worth traveling beyond the tourist areas such as Kyrenia and Alsancak, and finding good showrooms in Lefkosa (North Nicosia). The choice tends to be wider, the showrooms are larger, and the quality of furniture better, as these showrooms sell to residents as well as holiday home owners.

The one item of furniture in your North Cyprus home that you should spend the most time choosing is - your mattress! We spend up to one third of our lives asleep, so it's important that your mattress full supports your body when you sleep. Choosing the right mattresses in North Cyprus is a lot easier if you visit a furniture shop and lie on them; you'll soon know which ones you like, and which will be a pain in the neck (or back)!

Also remember that the better the mattress you buy for a rental property in North Cyprus, the longer it will last. Sagging, old mattresses are a major source of complaints for rental clients, and are a false economy in terms of your time dealing with those complaints.

One of the best furniture shops to buy mattresses is Yatsan in Lefkosa, where you are positively encouraged to lie down and try them all for yourself! Their mattresses are made in Turkey to high specifications, ensuring that you, your family and your rental clients have a good night's sleep, every night.