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Olive Leaf Burning Tradition
Olive Leaf Burning Tradition
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North Cyprus Property Rental

North Cyprus Villa Rentals
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Over 250,000 tourists came to North Cyprus last year, 100,000 of which were British, and their numbers are set to grow by over 25% in 2006. This massive growth in Northern Cyprus tourist numbers indicates a strong growth market in quality rental accommodation requirements. Many of these tourists are choosing to visit North Cyprus as independent travellers, sourcing their own flights to North Cyprus and then pre-booking rental accommodation with an extra "something". Which, of course, could be your rental property!

Amy Villas by GoNorthCyprus Holidays

Amy Villas company is a North Cyprus villa holiday specialist.

Amy Villas website offer a wide selection of rental villas in North Cyprus. What makes them different is their easy-to-use website and online booking system.


Who rents holiday property in North Cyprus?

Most visitors to North Cyprus are either Turkish, German or British. They come for the year round sunny climate, for the cultural sites, for diving and other water sports, for the new international golf course, or just to relax!

What makes a good North Cyprus holiday rental property?

A good rental holiday property is one that tourists would love to stay in, simple as that! The real answer is to define which market you wish to rent your property to. Take, for example, a family with kids under the age of twelve.

What makes an ideal family holiday property in Northern Cyprus?

You will probably come up with a long list of features, so try this technique. Just think what a family would NOT want! They probably don’t want a property with steep steps or unprotected balconies, or a villa with no parking or a small kitchen with just a hob and no cooker. So, create a wish list for quality family rental accommodation in North Cyprus – by giving them the opposite of the ‘don’t want’ list!

Families don’t usually want

Families do want

A property with steep steps, unprotected balconies, rocky grounds, etc

A property which is child friendly in terms of steps, balconies, etc

No parking space

Parking space close by

Small kitchenette with hob and microwave

Fully equipped kitchen plus washing machine

Great views over the coast but no beach access

Easy access to the beach if on the coast

No swimming pool

Access to a safe, well-maintained swimming pool

Balcony or terrace only

Plenty of space for kids to play

Total seclusion

Neighbours so kids can play with other kids!

Drive to local shops and restaurants

Local shops and kid-friendly restaurants nearby

Now you can create a similar check-list for other markets, such as:

  1. Young couples, no kids, into sports and nightlife
  2. Romantic couples, looking for peace and quiet, good food
  3. Retirement age couples, looking for sunshine, close to amenities
  4. Sporting types, attracted by diving, water sports or golf

Ask your North Cyprus estate agent for advice, and always remember that if it suits you for your holidays, it will suit others too.

Long term rentals in North Cyprus

The market in long term rentals is also increasing rapidly as people wish to enjoy the North Cyprus climate for longer without the hassle or expense of buying their own property. Attracted by the low cost of living in North Cyprus compared with the south, long term rental clients can make a North Cyprus investment only property an extremely viable option.

Why buy to rent in Northern Cyprus?

North Cyprus properties are half the price of equivalent properties in the south, and a third of the price of similar properties in Spain. North Cyprus house prices are predicted to double over the next three years, and the possibility of EU membership continues to drive interest and investment. For example, American money helped refurbish Ercan Airport, and Richard Branson has had talks with the TRNC government concerning direct flights to North Cyprus. The smart investor who buys early and rents to discerning tourists stands to see a good return on his North Cyprus property investment. Selected off-plan properties have already increased in value by over 70%, and some developers even offer guaranteed rental income for the first two years after completion.

Land Titles in North Cyprus

It is important when considering purchasing a property in North Cyprus to understand the various title deeds available. See our article on "Title Deeds in Northern Cyprus" for further details.