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Joined: 14/03/2007
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Message Posted:
14/03/2007 14:11

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thinking of buying a property in northern cyprus and would welcome any tips on the best places to buy and also any pitfalls, i also find it hard to get direct flights, i believe that there is no problem in getting flights to larnaca and arranging taxi transfers, is this the case ?


Joined: 25/02/2007
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Message Posted:
14/03/2007 21:12

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Yes its o.k to go via Larnaca. A taxi costs about £40 each way. Flights are generally cheaper going via this route.Cheap Ercan flights are more harder to come by. Ever been to North Cyprus? Best advice would be to holiday there and look at all the different areas. We have bought an apartment in Ozankoy. Please do a search and find out about the different title deeds before looking at properties. Also some useful advice on home buyers pressure group about purchasing property in North Cyprus and the safest way to do it.


Joined: 16/12/2006
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Message Posted:
15/03/2007 11:09

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Good advice from Bradus; definitely spend some time here in North Cyprus, and not necessarily during peak holiday time either. There are various articles on buying property in TRNC on this web site too: the article on title deeds is here:

or just type title deeds into the search box (which is what I did just now!)

Lisa from Leeds

Joined: 24/01/2007
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Message Posted:
15/03/2007 11:19

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Yes, Larnaca flights are fine, but everyone tells me, whatever you do, don’t come back across the border North to south with any TRNC property details in your luggage unless you enjoy being hassled and having to miss your flight. Post them home instead!


Joined: 16/12/2006
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Message Posted:
15/03/2007 12:05

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At the risk of repeating myself, here’s what I said on the last post on buying in North Cyprus, for what it’s worth!

The best way to decide is to come and stay for two weeks, and drive around to see what ticks your boxes! I'd make a list of your important criteria first:

In town or in the countryside?

Near to the sea or in the mountains?

New development or ‘traditional’ villa?

Apartment or house?

Close to shops and restaurants?

Close to sporting facilities, e.g. golf course?

Established community or new emerging area?

as sungoddess, says, have a browse through the articles on this web site, too – lots of good info here for anyone visiting North Cyprus for the first time


Joined: 24/12/2006
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Message Posted:
15/03/2007 13:11

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before you buy look here and make sure you get it put in your contract that for every day over compleation date £100 is knocked off the purchase price.


Joined: 19/05/2007
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Message Posted:
19/05/2007 17:20

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Hi wrighty if your looking for property to buy in North Cyprus i recomend Great Stone Construction they are GR8 trust me and if your villa isnt completed up to date including your grace period of 3mths then you get £500 GBP knocked off your purches price thats all in the contract but they will graruntee to finish up to the date they say if weather is good will be the only reason if delayed.

Contact me if you want more details.

look at there site:


Joined: 24/04/2008
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Message Posted:
24/04/2008 20:35

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We fly from manchester to Larnca, because it's cheaper (depending on the time of year), and it's quicker than going through Turkey (where you sit for an hour on the tarmac) then get picked up by car and taken to the Esentepe hotel at Esentepe, they also provide transportation back to Larnca airport as well (£35 each way they also provide car hire as well, when we move into the house thay will still arrange to have us picked up when we visit


Joined: 13/12/2007
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Message Posted:
24/04/2008 21:43

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Don't forget to add on the 1.5 hours from Larnaca to the border, the 20 minutes plus it takes to get across the border, the further 40 minutes from the border to the Esentepe Hotel and the £70 return fee and of course the 2 hours you need to leave earlier to get back to Larnaca.

Ercan to Esentepe is 40 minutes. You can even get your car hire at Ercan.

Flying via Ercan can be just as quick, and actually cheaper, than flying to Larnaca. You just need to do the mathematics and wonder if the saving of £30 to £40 is worth the extra road journey.


Joined: 29/12/2006
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Message Posted:
24/04/2008 22:37

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Where have you bought with Greatstone? We have bought with them and apart from a few problems have got a good build, however I do know of a couple of purchasers who are experiencing major difficulties with said builders.



Joined: 24/02/2008
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Message Posted:
24/04/2008 22:56

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Hi Wrighty,

Make sure everything you require is in the contract do not really on a verbal promise of any kind as you will end up paying a lot of extras which can get quiet costly try and negotiate the pool in the price and air con if you can makes sure all boundary walls are inc in the sale whatever size they may end up being as I ended paying an extra £15.000 for retaining walls.

Have a look at Kofali construction whilst you are in Cyprus my Mother purchased through them her villa is built to a very nice standard in Karsiyaka north west of the island ,Karsiyaka is my favourite area very pretty

Take care for now

Regards Ive


Joined: 11/05/2007
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Message Posted:
24/04/2008 23:01

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Larnaca is a good option for east coast 45/50 mins each way, often 100 per ticket cheaper than Ercan.


Joined: 15/03/2007
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Message Posted:
24/04/2008 23:30

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We always fly into Larnaca from Luton - good price flights. £40 each way - takes 1 hour 15 mins from Larnaca to Esentepe - no problems at the border but dont take any paperwork back with you - send it in the post like someone else has recommended.


Joined: 07/10/2007
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Message Posted:
26/04/2008 22:05

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We fly Bristol to Larnaca now. Much closer for us in UK and tickets much cheaper. Also taxi other end only £35 each way.


Joined: 31/07/2007
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Message Posted:
27/04/2008 00:02

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We have flown into Larnaca many times and mostly used BA (we used BA if we were only coming over for short breaks of 3 days as the flight times are good). We have used Cyprus Airways (not too keen on the CA flight as you touch down in Paphos then fly onto Larnaca) and Air2000 but have found the luggage allowance to be poor circ. 20kg. At least with CTA and Turkish Airways you get a reasonable baggage allowance of 25kg and they aren't too bothered if you creep up toward 30kg. The cheaper budget flights are ok if you aren't stocking up your house with goods but if you want to bring over your suitcases filled with households goods then Ercan everytime.



Joined: 31/07/2007
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Message Posted:
27/04/2008 00:05

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Hi Denise

We originate from Bristol area. Nice to have another S.Westerner on the board.



Joined: 21/06/2008
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Message Posted:
22/06/2008 10:19

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Greatstone Construction. I am adding an entry on this forum to highly recommend this builder to anyone wishing to purchase a property in Northern Cyprus. Tash, the builder, and his equally able sister/assistant, Reyhan, will go to great lengths to accommodate any changes/requests in your new build. With the added important advantage that they both are fluent in english which goes a long way in assurance that what you are asking for is being understood. All that is requested is put in writing, signed and both parties receive a copy for their records. All I have requested has been carried out exactly. The quality of Greatstone's houses is beautiful. I have just returned from a very enjoyable two week visit, during which my wife and I chose tiles etc, and Tash and Rehyan accompanied us when required and the superb hospitality showered on us by Tash, Rehyan and all the workers we came across on our many visits to the site made us very confident that the finished product will be something we will be proud to live in. A dream come true.


Joined: 16/07/2007
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Message Posted:
22/06/2008 10:25

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hi wrighty , welcome to the forum , hope you enjoy the site , and ponder on all the sound advice that has been given to you

good look , simbas


Joined: 15/12/2007
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Message Posted:
22/06/2008 10:28

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If you are thinking of buying from this developer, it would be in your best interests to

contact me off board. My full details are on the member profiles. ARE JAZMIN?


the butler

Joined: 22/06/2007
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Message Posted:
22/06/2008 12:38

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Hi Wrighty,

My advice is to not buy off plan, there are plenty of resales at very competative prices out there. Some of them have already got title deeds. We wish this forum had been running before we bought in 2006 and we wouldn't have made the mistakes we did.

The butlers wife.

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