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Joined: 11/11/2008
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Message Posted:
01/06/2009 15:51

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Hello everybody,

I am wanting to come back and collect my cat from the UK to bring to North Cyprus, Which is the best and cheapest airline to do this with? I have been trying all day but seem to be running around in circles. I want to fly from Manchester to Ercan with my cat, preferably, Istanbul touchdown, anyone done this?



Joined: 14/08/2008
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Message Posted:
01/06/2009 16:03

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Turkish airlines, provided cat is under 7 kg including carrier, cat can go on board with you, otherwise into hold same flight but book cat first provisionally to ensure room on your flight. They will email confirmation to you then you book yours and cat together. Prepare yourself for quarantine here!!! Have cat litter and box, plus food on arrival as nothing provided. Also bring salt to sprinkle around food bowl in kennel to deter slugs. you go twice daily to feed your cat, am and pm as no-one does this for you ok?


Joined: 13/06/2008
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Message Posted:
01/06/2009 21:33

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msg 1,

There is a LOT of paperwork, both UK and TRNC involved, rabies jabs and Vet's certificates...

Suggest you contact KAR and theTRNC vetinary service, also DEFRA in UK for an export licence.

It took more effort and paperwork to bring 2 cats here than it did to get 2 of us and a 40ft container!

One problem that you might encounter is that the airlines which fly here only have a limited number of planes with pressurised holds, and they cannot always be sure in advance that one will be in use for your that if your pet exceeds the weight limit, and needs to go in the hold, you're on tenterhooks right up to the last minute.

Best plan is to put it on a diet to make sure that it can travel with you in the cabin

I wish you the very best of luck with this!



Joined: 17/01/2009
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Message Posted:
01/06/2009 22:19

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Hi we flew from Manchester to Ercan with Turkish airlines in January this year. I agree with Keith msg 3 lots of paperwork lots of sleepless nights however it can be done we travelled with 3 cats who went in the hold we did have someone who put the cats on the flight for us all cats are now happily living here although they diid take a few weeks to settle. If you go on to the main web site of Cyprus 44 you will find details of the paperwork required. Good luck with it


Joined: 25/05/2009
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Message Posted:
02/06/2009 09:20

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Good luck! I took my cat on the plane a few months ago, and although the vet had given him something to make him drowsy all went well... I came over with pegasus and he sat on my lap in his box. We only paid 20 lira extra but that was only from turkey.

Do prepare yourself for the quarantine though, its not what you will expect. Its a horrible dirty place but if my cat, who is hard to please and doesnt like ANYONE, if he can do it, your cat will be fine.

You should get him back after about 12 days. They say longer but if you press them enough they will let him or her out sooner. Or if you want to pay extra cash i know they let them out before too, its a joke to even call it quarantine. You'll pay about 170 turkish lira for 12 days, thats what i paid. Obviously more if he is in longer. And as mitzi said, there are slugs so do the salt thing! I hadn't actually known about that so wish i had cus they slimed everywhere, but can imagine it would work a treat!

Good luck!

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
02/06/2009 15:13

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do you have proof that dr memet at quarantine accepts cash to let your pet go early?


Joined: 18/03/2009
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Message Posted:
02/06/2009 15:30

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We also brought our cat and dog over last october.

We went every morning and evening to feed and water them.

We were staying with my parents and hadnt organised our own place when they called us after 10 days and told us we had to take both of them as they had too many new pets coming in.

We also noticed a lot of people take their pets out early because of the lack of space.

It was very inconveniant for us but we were basically told we had to pay up and take them out, but we could collect their pet passports after the actual period had elapsed.

They lost our dogs passport.

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