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10/07/2009 08:43

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Our family lived in the middle of Famagusta from November 1965 until June of 1967. We lived above Barkleys Bank on the corner of Democrotis St and Republica St. We attended King Richard School and spent afternoons on the beach in front of the Lions Club or the King George Hotel. The city was so alive and the weather was perfect. We shopped in the little stores and had sodas in the Treanon cafe. Smokey Joes always made the street smell good. My sisters and I dated many of the British Soldiers and went to the local movies there. It is just so hard to know that it is a ghost town. We just remember it being so alive. Then again that was just so long ago. I miss all my class mates and friends.

People should not hate others just because they are from a different country, religion, race or sex.

Baspinar Bob

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Message Posted:
10/07/2009 09:08

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Hi, My name was Carol Scott and we were in the same year at King Richard school. I lived at 4 mile point at the time that you were there.

I really cant believe this! My friend Chris and I came to your apartment once, over Barklays bank. You were having a party, if I remember correctly, and there was some trouble outside in the street. Either you or one of your sisters got hit by a belt buckle. A greek national guard had hit you. The british army were called in so Chris and I scarpered as we would have been in big trouble with our parents at the time as we wer'nt suppose to be there.

I came back to Cyprus in 2004, with my husband and live in Lapathos just out side Kyrenia, now called Lapta.

Be good to hear from you again and to catch up with old memories.



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10/07/2009 09:10

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I am sure that you are not alone with those sentiments, hopefully one day soon (inşallah) the town will be revived and full of life again.......

Have you visited Cyprus since? There are still some beautiful places here you know!

andre 514

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Message Posted:
10/07/2009 09:35

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I was in famagusta town a few months ago and it looked extremely busy and vibrant to me!

I cannot comment on how differently charming it may have been back in your day though,

but there was a highly successful art and culture festival in the area a couple of weeks back

which featured a sell-out performance by the world-famous "gypsy devils" from slovakia

perhaps you are thinking of the ghost-suburb of varosha nearby?

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