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Joined: 07/10/2009
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 11:19

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I am due to move to Alsancak in December and will be on my own as from mid January. I am totally confused by the comments made on this Forum, some very negative and others very positive. I would like someone to give me a balanced view of what life in TRNC will be like for me. At the moment I am feeling very apprehensive about the whole move but due to personal circumstances do not have much choice in the matter.

If some people find it such a dreadful place why did they move there in the first place or for that matter stay. I am quite happy to receive negative feedback as long as it is justified. And of course some positive comments would be more than welcome!


Joined: 18/04/2009
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 11:46

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we bought in Girne' 7yrs ago, we used our place for holidays and loved it here so much we both took early retirement 4yrs ago, to live here permanently. We sold everything in the UK, even our beloved cottage. We still love it here, now and again I whinge about various things / litter, barking dogs, starving animals, hunters, etc this is human nature. We now live in Lapta, most of our friends who came to visit us on holiday have also bought properties here, so we have a vast " friend network ". We have also made lots of new friends and our circle is getting bigger. We visit family and friends in the UK twice a year and also take holidays from here. So life is good, but we have made it so. I awake every morning to sunshine and blue sky (most of the year) so good luck, keep an open mind and SMILE xx


Joined: 29/08/2009
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 11:50

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My views may not be worth very much because I only visit about six times a year for holidays. We bought a house here about five years ago. I first came to NC twenty years ago, and I have loved it ever since. My house is in Esentepe village, and the people are lovely. It has changed alot over the years, the traffic now is unbelievable, and people drive posh cars, not old bangers. Yes, some will try and rip you off, they see £ signs when talking to Brits, but over the years I have made some good TC friends and they will help you all they can. I think you have to act appropriately, and try and gain their respect. I always come with girl friends or if not on my own, and I feel very safe . When I get off the plane at Ercan I feel like kissing the ground. It is my haven, no husband, no children. Always feel totally relaxed. Try not to get to frustrated, nobody ever does what they promise, the old sod often creeps in. It's still good, health wise I always feel better, and the beer is good.


Joined: 20/05/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 12:25

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It has been said many times before and has also been our experience: if you have private means to support yourself, if you don't need to work, if you own your house (Kocan in your possession) then North Cyprus can be a wonderful place, depending on how flexible you are. There is litter everywhere, in summer there are water shortages, all year around there are power cuts, the summer months are extremely hot and humid, dogs bark at night, you will be ripped off every now and again. Life is getting more and more expensive. On the other hand the weather is wonderful most of the time, the countryside is beautiful (Karpaz!), the sea is clean and near, making friends is easy, life is relaxed. Oh and they have the best potatoes in the world!

It sadly didn't work for us as we tried to run a business and frankly it is almost impossible to make a living as a foreigner in North Cyprus. I am very relieved to be out of the place to be honest. My 'balanced' view, for what it's worth. Good luck!



Joined: 27/10/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 15:17

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Like Everon said, if you sell all up in UK and don't have any chance of selling here to get out of it, what does one do. Made our bed so must lay on it and see what happens in the future.


Joined: 27/08/2009
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 16:13

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Been here many years and still love it as much as the day we came. The place is certainly not without it's problems, but then nowhere in the world is. If you concentrate on the positives instead of the negatives then I'm sure you will love it here. Make friends - try and make it people that also love it here (the moaners will only bring you down) - and then use those friends and their experiiences to find the best places to eat, shop, beach etc... that way you wont get ripped off, you can find the best places with no litter, etc.

Power cuts are very few and far between compared to a few years ago and water is ok if you are careful - we didn't run out once all year!! The sun shines 300 days a year (apparently ;o)) and if you look past the litter you will realise you are in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. It's not easy to work here - but it can be done.

Finally - try the Indian restaurant NOSHEENS in Alsancak and you'll never want to leave!!



Joined: 19/04/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 16:23

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Been here just over 12 months, love the country, people are great, the life style we are able to enjoy we could never afford in the UK. In the time we have been here we have made more friends than we did living for 9 years in the last place in the UK. Important to make a mix of friends and try and mix with the locals, we are trying to learn Turkish and when we speak to the locals they really enjoy !!!! Waking up to the sun sets you in the right frame of mind and you can enjoy life far more. Nothing is ever perfect, as you will see from this Forum, but nowhere is, you just have to ride along and without doubt the positives far exceed the negatives.

Wishing you all the best when you do come over.


Joined: 02/05/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 16:45

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We Have a house in Catalkoy and have been coming for 3 years. We are moving out permanently in February 2010. Love the place, the people and the laid back lifestyle. As contributors above say - there can be problems with water, electricity at times although less frequent now. We have made some lovely friends both Cypriot and Expats and have a much better social life when out in Cyprus than in England. Just want to curl up in front of fire at the moment in England because it is so cold and wet. As my old gran used to say - life is what you make it.


Joined: 01/07/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 17:23

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Postive comments are good but also it best to be realistic also. Many posters who have holiday homes will give you a completely different version to those who permanently stay there.

As Nick says if you have an enough money to stay there without the need for work then its a good start. The cost of living is not that much different now than it is in the UK. It used to be significantly cheaper. Income levels are not on the same level, for those who work, and for those who have invested in TL the interest rates are nowhere near as advantagous as they used to be.

You will meet some really nice people and also some not so nice amongst the locals and the ex-pat population. Try learning the language as it will get you some respect with the locals.

Whats the worst things that will happen? You move back to the UK!!

Surely you must have friends already out there would you not be best advised asking them?


Joined: 15/12/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 17:35

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Its important that you have sufficent amount of money to live on. Living in Northern Cyprus is far more expensive than living than the UK. You need to have some form of income to live. If you want to work here, you will find it extreamly hard.

Another point is driving. Do please take care when driving. The drivers are quite different from the UK driving standards. But they have started to put traffic measures, but again still very different over there. Do take extra care when driving here. Try and and use the main Girne - Lefkosa motorway and avoide using the Degirmenlik link to access to Lefkosa as the road is quite dangerious.

It is also recommended that you keep your airconditioners on to an minimum as running these can really hurt your pocket durring the summer period. Avoide eating too much in restaurants and ask for menus and prices before ordering. If I had a garden, I would also buy two good breed dogs. You also now have good links to enter and leave the island Easy Jet


Joined: 26/08/2008
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 17:54

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The main negative issue, that has caused the greatest misery, is that of buying property whether as a permanent or holiday home. The almost total lack of legal integrity and remedy for victims has shattered the dreams of far too many. This has shamed the name of the TRNC and Turkey.


Joined: 14/05/2007
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 18:00

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Hi Sylvia

You dont say if you have bought somewhere or not. The biggest cause of stress is property. If you haven't bought yet then rent to see if you are happy. If you are then buy re-sale only not off-plan.

I dont find TRNC dearer than UK to live, but it obviously depends on what you want to do, if you have a car or a private pool they cost money. With cars you can always buy a lower spec or older car than you have in the UK. You dont need a Jag for street cred in TRNC!

Food, drink, petrol, eating out and council tax are all cheaper. although interest was 20% work on 8% then when it drops to that from current11 or 12 you won't be unhappy. It is still 2-3 times the interest in the UK for 1 month access.

Good Luck in your new life.


Joined: 16/05/2009
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 20:18

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Ever heard of the saying

"Life is what you make it"

I think what you will see is a thing that won't last forever...I marvel at the casual and laissez faire way of life here. The scenery is some of the very best in the med...the bureaucracy(have I spelt that right?) is something to be experienced!


Joined: 13/06/2009
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Message Posted:
28/10/2009 22:41

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There are far worse places to live, and one of them is England, rent first, enjoy your life, hope you don't need to work though.


Joined: 10/11/2008
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Message Posted:
29/10/2009 12:45

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mess 11 - I'm making this the "Neg Nick post of the month" - sound words, well done...


Joined: 10/11/2008
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Message Posted:
29/10/2009 12:47

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its hotter than you think in the summer and much colder (inside your property especially) than you'd expect in the winter.....

Mess 14 - yes Parky, but there are many many better places !

girne 29

Joined: 06/12/2007
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Message Posted:
29/10/2009 19:54

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"If some people find it such a dreadful place why did they move there in the first place or for that matter stay"

Some people were caught out ,there was very little info on these forums in the past as next to no one had gone thro the buying process ,and those that did utter warnings were often shouted down as ,whinging ,exaggerating ,being anti TRNC ( PC being an unwelcome Brit import)

,negative or whinging.

The people to respect are those that did complain or moralise but are still here and like it, as opposed to those who shouted them down while all the time trying to sell up and leave.

Be gentle on those people that did move out and find it was not suitable,you have the info based on their trials and tribulations,so you can make a judgement on info that they did not have.

As for the question of why some who hate it stay, Its because they have to. Unfortunately some burnt their bridges and then when realised they wanted out, the propert market had crashed.


Joined: 09/03/2009
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Message Posted:
30/10/2009 02:58

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Great place but for Brits - message 14 a good example !!!!


Joined: 14/02/2009
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Message Posted:
30/10/2009 08:27

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I agree 'life is what you make it'. People have come over here after being miserable in UK hoping for a quick fix of happiness, but if they were miserable in UK they will be the same wherever they live.

I wake up every morning to bright sunshine, I can leave my car unlocked all the time, I can walk down the town (or anywhere) on my own any time, day or night, and feel safe.

This year for me has been a particularly bad one, my husband died, my daughter's boyfriend was killed in a car crash here, but I still don't blame the country, these things could have happened wherever we were.

Yes there can be problems, life's like that. It's how you handle them that is important. Some people blame the country, some people were just born to moan and they will never by happy wherever they go.

So I'd say good luck in your move, don't expect to come here and never have any problems, if you're running away from something it will catch up with you.

But this is a great place to live and be happy.


Joined: 13/09/2009
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Message Posted:
30/10/2009 09:41

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Sunrise..that was a good dose of positive reality and all true. I'm coming over for 5 months as I was made redundant and my good friend very kindly was pleased to let me use his Villa for the Winter. I am prepared for the chilly indoors, but will lite the wood burner. I couldn't face 6 months of grey cold UK winter.


Joined: 12/03/2008
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Message Posted:
30/10/2009 09:52

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you deserve the prize of optimist after what you went through you still are positive, bravo madame !


Joined: 24/02/2009
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Message Posted:
30/10/2009 10:07

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Sunrise - yes, it was so heartwarming to read your comments, after a lot of the negativity that is posted on here. You are a fine example to all of us - whatever life throws at us, we just have to get back up in the saddle. Best wishes.


Joined: 09/04/2009
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Message Posted:
30/10/2009 11:09

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"The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example." Sunrise my deepest condolances to you and your family you are an inspiration What ever you do in life you will always have problems the mark of true people is how they deal with those problems and there is only one way (head on with great care, thought and dertermination). You must always belief in yourself. Life is hard and living it is even harder. (Yes) truley life is what you make it yourself. Life is good when we think it's good. Life is bad when we don't think. There isínt much thrill in the success of life unless one has been close to failure.The secret of a successful life is the consistency to pursue it.

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