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Joined: 25/02/2007
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Message Posted:
19/05/2007 23:38

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I found my lawyer through recommendations on one of the many forums that exist. My choice was made purely from these recommendations and a firm decision not to use a lawyer recommended by my builder. I think I made the right choice as when in TRNC earlier this year I got talking to some people in our hotel who had been wrapped up in what appeared to be some obvious scam, which resulted in them losing a substantial amount of money. They had been dealing with a solicitor for over 2 years and trying to solve the problem but with no luck. When advised to contact the solicitor we were using (not by us but by some Turkish Cypriots) they were down at the police station and had an injunction slapped on the builder and landowner within 2 hours. It seems unlikely that they will recover all the money they lost but will get the bulk of the money back. However the new acting solicitor is now persuing the solicitor and estate agent in an attempt to get the remainder of the money back for their part in the "legal negligence" which was so apparent. As buyers in a country which is obviously having problems in assessing who is genuine and who is corrupt in the building/legal /estate agent connections I feel it is important to share this sort of information and wish that people were more open in sharing experiences to stop other people from being ripped off.


Joined: 19/05/2007
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Message Posted:
20/05/2007 20:55

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Hi Bradus, would you please give me the contact dates of your solicitor ? I am very dissappointed with ours. Handling a case since more than 4 years he is

getting worse and worse. In the moment I'm waiting for an answer to 3

mails and 1 fax I sent him in february. Nevertheless I don't want to blame him in this forum. All I can say here is that he is one with a serious reputation.

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