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Joined: 29/05/2007
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Message Posted:
08/06/2007 03:00

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Am I the only one (usually am) that's come back to the UK (again) and gone potty about the wastage of water here after trnc??? As in, is that b****y shower still running and nobody under it?? And, "Washing the car?? What for, it'll only get dirty again!!" Never mind the ongoing "Who's left the light on??"

Seriously, it has made me appreciate what we waste here (UK).


Joined: 25/02/2007
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Message Posted:
08/06/2007 20:19

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I am already neurotic and will only get worse the more time I spend in NC. I reckon I'm going to put up signs everywhere in my villa reminding my family not to waste water - and what about an egg-timer-type-contraption attached to the shower wall? a little too obsessive d'ya think?


Joined: 16/12/2006
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Message Posted:
08/06/2007 20:52

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Get that egg-timer out! I think everyone on the UK who bothers with a water butt should get a reduction in their water rates to encourage more usage. Last time I was over, best friend's hubby showed me with pride a new water butt pump he'd bought - they simply were not available last year, he said. It's good for gray water as well as rainwater but of course it does run on electricity! Now all he needs is the solar panels or wind turbine to power it... Did read that the UK government is relaxing planning regulations on wind turbines BUT since most turbines sold by DIY stores in the UK are not big enough to do very much except shake the mortar out from your brickwork, don't see how this will help much. Ah well, at least it's a start - they just need to catch up with us "20 years behind" people in TRNC! (See Kathy's Cyprus 44 blog on power cuts!)

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