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Football: Just witnessed the end for RAFA

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kenny b

Joined: 12/09/2008
Posts: 211

Message Posted:
09/03/2010 00:36

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Just arrived home from the DW stadium and watched my home town team humble the once mighty Liverpool FC.I have been at the theatre of dreams and watched United lift many trophys including a treble.But tonight for me was as good as any achievement my beloved United have achieved.When Liverpool were winning European Cups and countless title wins little Wigan Athletic where playing in the Northern Premier League at Springfield Park but tonight was heaven on earth to beat the SCOUSERS at home was pure magic.

Bye Bye RAFA.

The once mighty LFC humbled by little old Wigan Athletic AWESOME


Joined: 08/04/2009
Posts: 1110

Message Posted:
09/03/2010 01:23

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Nice one Kenny,

17,442 including you also witnessed the demise of a once great club.The next Leeds United i think.The peoples club (Everton F.C.) will now become the top club.Gerrard and Torres will jump ship and the fat spanish waiter will bail out,



Joined: 01/09/2008
Posts: 69

Message Posted:
09/03/2010 02:02

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From what I saw Wigan could have scored more as well! Wouldn't it be ironic if Michael Owen wins a premier league title with United. Something that now looks unlikely for fellow scouser Gerrard.



Joined: 28/01/2009
Posts: 570

Message Posted:
09/03/2010 11:13

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Im a Liveerpool Fan and totally agree with the Wigan victory and well played- we were rubbish. I have been saying for about 3 years now that we won the Champions League too early and Benitez has not done anything for Liverpool Footbal; Club. HE buys crap Spanish Players and where are our youngsters- wheres the next Owen, Gerrard, Carragher or Fowler answer is as long as Benitez is there NOWHERE.

We deserve all the stick but we are a good club and will sort this mess out and have good loyal fans.

Get Benitez out and within 2 years we will be agin the team that plays good match winning football


Joined: 16/03/2009
Posts: 215

Message Posted:
09/03/2010 11:36

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It will cost about 12mil to get rid of him. He has bought in that many staff from Spain, all with long term contracts. I think the same length as his. Any new manager will want his own staff so will want all Rafas staff out. Massive pay outs.The staff are not just back room staff either. A lot of the accadamy staff are now also spanish so it will be a complete re orgnisation of Liverpool as a club when he goes.Thats why he hasnt gone.

Most of the clubs with non British managers have bought staff in from their countries, and they bring the kids with them to train so many of our kids miss out as there is only so many places in each set up. Very few English clubs put alot of effort into the training of home grown kids, most just go through the motions. There are some good clubs there that put the effort in but not enough money goes back into the youth system and training grounds. Many still train the kids on the old carpet like astro with sand. Not good for anybody.

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