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17/06/2008 00:12

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I posted a review of this restaurant on a NC BB last year stating how good it was.

Went back this week and not only was the food as good but they had used my review at the front of the menu!!!!

If you have not been, this place has been family owned for nearly 10 years. They have a small regular menu of shish and lamb chops etc plus an order menu including the usual kleftico and kup kebap but also Cypriot casserole all cooked in clay oven, plus fish when available. If you give at least 6 hours notice these items can be cooked the down side the order menu can cost up to 30 ytl so be prepared.

All the food is fresh and well presented and the owners are happy to chat. We took friends and they could not believe the portion of meze and main course. Suffice to say they did not have to buy anything next day.

They have recently introduced a childrens room. After the kids have eaten you can send them away to play, often with the owners own children.

Inside the restaurant is very pleasant but some may find outside needs some renovation. That said the views over and around Lapta are second to none.

Directions from Girne direction. Keep going passed Alsancak turning, then Fresco is on right. Next left turn is signposted for the Rose Garden as well as Lemba. Then just follow the signs. Do not worry when you drive into school yard the restaurant is through that and where you park.

Presently open all day but may be restricted for parking during term time.

For bookings - 0392 821 2704 or mob - 0533 866 1891.

If you like basic Cypriot cuisine in simplistic surroundings with brilianr views you will not be disappointed.

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