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24/07/2008 16:51

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We are thinking of buying a little runaround for when we are in TRNC, we are waiting to sell our house in UK so that we can move over for good but things are not moving too much at present so we,ll just have to keep taking holidays and don,t want to keep hiring a car. Can anyone recommend anywhere we could look to get a fair car for a fair price.




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Message Posted:
24/07/2008 20:42

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There are several recent threads on this theme just put car buying in search.

There are numerous car showooms etc in Lefkosa along the Gazi Magusa road from Gonyeli roundabout.

General opinion is you will get far cheaper there than in Girne.

Mr Vince

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Message Posted:
24/07/2008 22:19

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Hi good evening from the land of permanent sunshine

we are selling a small car because we bought a 4x4 in Scotland and drove it back to Ozankoy. It is a Daihatsu YRV silver automatic 1300cc 5 door hatch 2002. Serviced and valeted last week because i do not want to sell a car that I am not confident with because its a small island. It is taxed till Feb and MOT till next month however a new MOT is a formality because they only count the number of wheels to check it has 4. It is very economical as it cost us 12 for a round trip Ozankoy Paphos Ozankoy with 4 passengers plus luggage. The tyres are all in first class order with plenty of tred left and we have fitted new brakes and a new battery within the last 6 months. The garage told me that it will need new rear brakes in 10,000Kms. It has an upto date emmission test report and in general the car isa good un. This is our second insert on this bb as we normally use North Cyprus BB. If you areinterested it is 4850.

Vince at 0542 889 0396 or email me

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