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Joined: 30/01/2011
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 07:48

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i would like to know your opinion on this topic of the treatment of animals - mostly dogs.

i have lived in North Cyprus and i have seen careless people just tie their dogs with a string rope that has been used to tie up hay stacks. During the summer time, in that heat, their owners do not take care of their dogs, i mean what is the point of having a pet if your not going to look after or care for it? i have seen many dogs, lifeless and just so depressed, i think that people who treat their animals with no care in the world should be banned.

What i mean be people not treating thier animals right is when they just shove thier pets in the garden in the dirt, no cleaning whatsoever, no proper chain for it but rather tie it up with string and no exercise at all- literally, and trust me i have seen so many people cage their dogs and hardly ever let them out - they are only properly let out when its the hunting season.

am i the only person who is frustrated by this?


Joined: 21/07/2008
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 08:17

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Kopy in a word No you are not the only one upset but many of us are powerless to do anything about it.


Joined: 05/10/2008
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 08:45

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Good thread and a real problem.

Many people feel the same as you do but are powerless to deal with this.

Somehow we have to try and alter the mind set and educate the owners.

Problem is we are guests in this country and our interference would not go down well.

Just my thoughts!!


Joined: 02/07/2008
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 09:06

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While so many of us totally agree with you, this subject has really been done to death on previous threads and all it does is upset those of us that care. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done, other than individuals trying to help animals that are near to them, i.e talking to the owners of animals that you see badly treated. There is no government help for animals in this country. I expect some people on here, will say that it is no good talking to people about their animals, but I have spoken to 2 different neighbours of mine about their dogs, and while not coming to a totally great solution, I have certainly helped to make the dogs life a bit better with my suggestions.


Joined: 06/09/2010
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 09:08

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A Very disturbing problem in TRNC,especially for those of us who care deeply about any form of Animal mistreatment...............And unfortunately a subject that many others on this forum would rather have "SIDELINED",as it clogs up the board, and slows the hunt for the "Best Restaurant" etc. .......Sad!!!


Joined: 29/11/2008
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 09:12

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Warning! Warning! Warning! Be very careful with the following site: you may find the information informative but also very, very sad! I would not advise any animal lover to watch the video that the topic relates to - it is just too sad to watch.

I post this to show you that this problem is not restricted to TRNC and that it has been around for hundreds of years, I have researched quite deeply into why it should be this way and can find no satisfactory answer at all. Maybe it is due to the teachings of Islam, but to a Westerner even the translated Koran version is a minefield. Many Muslim sites will provide conflicting views and I prefer to stay away from the religous side of things as it is far to emotive.

However, do have a look at this site: and then just google away.

I do think the attitude towards dogs as pets is changing in the TRNC - for the better.


Joined: 19/05/2008
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 09:31

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My wife likes me tying her up.


Joined: 15/04/2009
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 10:08

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Msg 4 totally agree, keeps rising its head every few weeks and a solution, still as to be found.Like Stellastar states it only serves to upset " normal" people that love thier pets


Joined: 06/09/2010
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 10:41

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( "normal" people that love their pets) .......If you are an Animal lover/Pet lover,surely you should be upset,otherwise it begins to smack of "Pet Solipsism" ..................Cosset your pet by all means but don't ignore the poor creatures who have nothing...It is upsetting,but it is most certainly Not there fault.............


Joined: 09/05/2010
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Message Posted:
30/01/2011 11:03

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the only thing i did not like about the trnc was the treatment of dogs, i saw some horrific things while living there, but was powerless to do much, i am so grateful back here in the uk that i can take my dogs for there walkies without the constant fear off them been poisened, But through my holidays i have seen an improvement in there general outlook on dogs, but i fear this will be a very long process.

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