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Joined: 13/09/2007
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Message Posted:
14/09/2007 09:25

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Thanks to all for the previous responses.

Does anybody have any "good" stories about Unwins as the place i am looking at in Bacheli they are agents for?


Joined: 30/01/2007
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Message Posted:
14/09/2007 10:20

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Do you know who the developer is?

If so do a deal with them and get money knocked off as the developer wont have to pay 5% commision to the agents.


Joined: 30/04/2007
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Message Posted:
14/09/2007 10:56

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Hi Bojoy,

We're dealing with Unwins at the moment and don't have a problem with them.

The service we received while there was verry professional, they showed us properties within budget, below budget, two above budget at my request, and no hard sell. We get regular updated photo's, all we do is send them a email reminder 1 week before they are due and the will even take extra pics if you ask them.

The villa is due for completion in a couple of months and once complete I'll write a blog on the whole experience, all good so far. I think a lot of the bad publicity they are getting is down to the developers and maybe they have smartened up there act now.

All the best Bob


Joined: 01/09/2007
Posts: 1974

Message Posted:
14/09/2007 12:15

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hi bojoy

i have not had any personal dealings with them so i cant say they are a bad agent. All i can say is that i have heard a lot of bad things about them!!! thru different forums - websites - and people i have met, im not trying to mess with a companies bread and butter BUT like marvo has just written this could be down to bad developers and belive me on this their is a few of them!!!!

You got to remember estate agents are the middle men so if the developer is a bad one or goes bankrupt it is normally the agent gets the bad press because they are the first point of contact!!!!

so it could be a case that this agent had made a few bad buisness decsions in selling dodgy developers pipe dreams, like also what marvo said maybe they have learned from their mistakes and cleaned up their act lets hope so!!!!

like i said to you before just be carfull and dont just jump in to it take your time cyprus is not going no where


p.s because cyprus is such a small place and people like to talk either it be the truth or false but i do know for sure MUD STİCKS


Joined: 19/08/2007
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Message Posted:
14/09/2007 13:32

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Hi Bojoy,

We too are buying in Tatlisu through Unwins and have had no problems with them at all. While we in Cyprus a rep took us out to see various developments, part-built, near completion and off-plan and there was no hard sell involved at all. They always reply to my emails and are happy to help wherever possible. Before we put down our initial deposit they encouraged us to visit the construction company to make sure we felt confident in them and offered us several trips to see developments by the same contractor to assess build quality, etc.


Joined: 07/07/2007
Posts: 231

Message Posted:
14/09/2007 19:16

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We too have bought through Unwins, and yes they have had some bad press through forums and other websites, particularly Mark the owner.

They (we dealt with Peter) have always answered our emails promptly, and when we went to visit various sites, nothing was too much trouble.

We also used another agent to show us different parts and properties of the island, new and resale.

Do your research, and gather as much information as you can, not only about the agents but also the builder/developer then you can make an informed decision.

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