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Joined: 10/08/2010
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Message Posted:
14/11/2011 10:05

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After so many positive reviews decided to give it a try. Beautiful building....

Very limited menu. Asked if they have any vegetarian dishes. Chips and salad were suggested. Normally staff will offer suggestions or go and speak to the chef. Totally disintersted.

Food that arrived was very bland and unappealing. Main courses arrived while still having starters.

Waitress couldn't have been less interested (Another couple were getting the same non service). At no point during the eveing did anyone approach to ask if everything was ok or even to ask if we would like more wine or anything . Realised it was because they were expecting a group booking and mind was on the group service charge me thinks.

Bill arrived and went to complain but no one came back to collect or to ask if we'd enjoyed the evening; they were still hovering round the group table.

Sadly won't be going back.


Joined: 05/05/2009
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Message Posted:
14/11/2011 10:54

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Speak as you find.

Four of us went on Saturday evening and the service was good - we were asked if everything was OK, if we wanted another drink etc.

Agree, it is only a limited menu but the meals were fine. You only pay for the main meal but get home made soup for starters, and traditional desert, complete with coffee (we each had two cups) and brandy - all in.

Just to add, there is a small bell on each table which you ring if you need service.

If you have visitors it's definitely the place to take them for the 'experience'. Also, if you want the 'novelty' factor, try the Aphrodite, that's certainly an experience - a must for tourists.

If you want a full menu with superb food and service try the Ambiance, it's sooooooooooo good.


Joined: 13/10/2010
Posts: 76

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 11:02

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We have visited Charcos on many occasions and the owners and staff have always been more than welcoming. Christina and family are a small team catering sometimes for a "full house". Not once have we been made to feel less than welcome.

Menu is limited but all the food that we have eaten there has been excellent. We did on one occasion take a friend who was a vegetarian and it was explained that had we have informed them in advance they would have arranged a meal for her. However, she did have cheese, salad, chips, etc. for which a charge was not made.

It is one of our favourite places and we shall continue to enjoy the experience.

Ralph & Ann x


Joined: 19/07/2010
Posts: 87

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 11:26

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I have taken vegetarians there on a few occasions. We have always spoken to them the day before to give prior notice. The vegetarians have always been very happy with what has been served up to them.


Joined: 01/06/2010
Posts: 407

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 11:47

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I certainly feel that Charcos was a much better place before they moved... it seems to have lost it's sparkle somehow. The place is now much larger and perhaps that is the problem; too many covers now. I last went in 2010 and haven't been back, not because the meal was poor or anything but just not the same feel anymore. I can relate to the limited menu and poor service comments though.


Joined: 02/07/2008
Posts: 1519

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 11:56

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Gatsby,If you hve a problem with them, why not go back and talk to them, rather than putting it on a public notice board. I have been going for many years, and have never found the service anything but excellent. I was wary when they moved to the new premises, as I loved the old place,but it is is still great, with a cosy feel I certainly wouldn't call it large, it is just right for me. When I was there last time with some friends, there was also a large group, but we never had to wait or feel that we weren't getting the service because they were too busy. Most people know that if they are taking a vegetarian to a restaurant, to ring the day before to let them know. This is not a country that really caters for veggies.


Joined: 06/07/2009
Posts: 104

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 18:54

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My husband is a vegetarian and we often go to Charcos. We always let them know we're coming and they always make something special for him. It is a very limited menu at an extremely reasonable price, but as long as they and you know what to expect it's excellent quality and value for money. Incidentally we prefer the new place to the old! On vegetarian food in general, we always book and explain there's a veggie coming and most of the time get better food in the smaller establishments that make something especially, rather than the places with a huge menu and one or two veggie options.


Joined: 04/07/2009
Posts: 1543

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 19:25

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why would you think just because your vegetarian that they should be able to feed you without prior notice without you complaining ?


Joined: 19/02/2011
Posts: 1151

Message Posted:
14/11/2011 22:19

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Twice now I've tried to find Charcos and twice I've ended up going round in circles. No wonder........... some people who love it don't want others to find it, but keep it to themselves!!


Joined: 05/07/2009
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Message Posted:
14/11/2011 22:35

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Have been using Charcos for many years now, and find food and hospitality is still excellent and as many have commented very reasonable, think also both venues were very quaint, and had a very Cypriot feel to them, well done to Christina and her family, and I would advise you to give it another try, everyone deserves one chance, but warn them if you have a vegan with you, because if my memory serves me right there are two fish dishes on the menu, however no dishes for vegans.


Joined: 08/11/2011
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Message Posted:
15/11/2011 01:02

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Not many places in the UK cater for vegans ,(not surpising), and that is with a population of 60 million , how many people live in Cyprus? The majority of have no gluten problems , no nut allergies, or these new fashionable reactions .

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