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Is there a way to descale your water pipes?

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Joined: 02/12/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 15:31

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I'm just assuming but ... the water pressure from my taps seems to have lessened over the past few months compared to when I first moved in to the house. I've tried taking off all the filters from the taps but it hasn't made any difference. Nowadays when I put the pump on the showers don't seem to increase much in pressure at all, in fact one of the upstairs ones is a no-hoper, it just trickles. The taps are a little better when the pump is on.

I was wondering if there is a way to descale your pipes, in the same way you can descale your kettle or iron, is there something I can put in the water tank perhaps? Calgon???


Joined: 07/09/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 15:44

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Hi Pippie,

I'm also interested in the answer to your question, as we also have the same problem at our house.

Anyone got the solution???


Joined: 25/06/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 16:28

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pippie,we use to have this problem once untill we were told to add about half a cup of chlorine to our water tank now and again,it does work,also,unscrew your shower heads,you'll find you may have some tiny stones inside the nozzel


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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 16:29

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To the best of my knowledge the pipes are plastic and there fore do not normally scale up, It is very common for the actual taps and shower mixer to scale up.

If you know basic DIY, it is quite easy to take them apart and clean them. One of friends replaced all of her taps and shower valves due to this problem and it really was not needed thay could have been cleaned.

Once you get them apart use descaler or vinegar and a small brush or old tooth brush should do the trick.

Is your pump OK ?


Joined: 30/03/2010
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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 16:41

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Over 7 years we have found that areas of complicated plumbing which include T joints and valves etc such as adjacent to roof water tanks are susceptible to build ups of waste deposits more so than straight line piping. Much of this has been detected very quickly by a plumber and replaced at little cost to immediately restore good flow and pressure.


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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 17:21

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We had a problem with the hot water tap in the kitchen , low pressure, this cured it for me, turn the tap off UNDER the sink, then disconnect the flexible pipe from the base of the tap, in our case it was the hot water supply, place container under the pipe to catch the water, then turn on the cold side of the sink tap to flush out the loose lime scale.

Or if you have a supply from a gas boiler, ensure that the system pressure is correct, ours is .75 to 1.5 bar, it is possible to increase the system pressure,f your not sure about this email me, and I will supply Phone no of a english speaking excellent plumber .


Joined: 02/12/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2011 20:17

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Thanks for the ideas.

I've already tried cleaning all the filters on the taps and the shower heads so will have to try some of the others and see if they do the trick.

Keep the ideas coming though please so that I can exhaust them all! I'm only renting and my landlord is not keen on spending, so I'm not going to do anything too drastic and which'll cost too much to me!


Joined: 15/08/2009
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Message Posted:
28/12/2011 08:20

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Hi Pippie

Your pressure problem may be due to gravel build up at your water meter,there is a filter fitted and gets partially blocked very quickly.The filter is located just inside the meter on the inlet pipe.

If your problem is heavy limescale then there are several chemicals that break down the limescale but that would then cause two problems...the water would be unsafe to consume and there would then be a great deal of debris in the pipes causing blockages.It is adviseable to flush the system after treating the system then fit some filters coming in to the house.

There are some simple ways to reduce the limescale coming in to the house via magnets and more sophisticated electronic methods all depending on budget.Anyone with a combi boiler should definitely have some system fitted as the boiler will fail as a result of limescale.

Hope this helps.



Joined: 28/12/2010
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Message Posted:
28/12/2011 12:17

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Chlorine won't de-scale your pipes it will kill the bacteria if left in contact for an hour or so @ he correct dosage.

If there is an inline filter this will probably be the cause, your best way forward is to hire a competent plumber who has some experience in this

Good Luck


Joined: 29/12/2009
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Message Posted:
28/12/2011 18:08

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TUTOR4U (Msg 6)

Grateful if you would email the tel number of the plumber you mentioned. I cannot access your email address as I have not placed enough posts! My email:

Thank you


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Message Posted:
28/12/2011 19:20

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PapaBravo Msg 10 His email address is not showing although it is on one of his previous posts -


Joined: 12/12/2010
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Message Posted:
28/12/2011 22:33

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I get the same problem on and off due to limescale traveling around the system. Usually the build up is in the joints , bends or fittings. I am seeking a plumber to blast some pressure at the point of the build up to get the quasi combi to work properly at the sink in the kitchen


Joined: 26/04/2008
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Message Posted:
28/12/2011 23:35

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Pool acid has been used to great effect.

1. Let bottom tank run low by switching off the mains (until you get to 1/3 tank full) Turn off pump.

2. Add 3 kilos of pool acid and let it do the business... if it needs more acid add more - you will be able to tell by how clean the tank looks,

3. Drain the treatment solution completely (i.e. dispose of it rather than let the spent solution onwards into your system).

5. Refill tank to 1/3 full (turn mains on for a bit then back off again). Then run water out of top tank. When all the water has gone from the top tank add same volume of acid required to clean the bottom tank again

6. Turn on the pump to force treatment solution up to top tank. Leave for the same amount of time it took to clean your lower tank and then switch on taps to run away the water.

You can force the solution around the hot system and the cold system by opening the appropriate taps....

7. Make sure it's all gone and then refill both tanks.

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