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Anyone taken their cat on KTHY flight recently?

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Joined: 07/11/2007
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Message Posted:
16/04/2010 20:40

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Our two cats are now upto date with rabies jabs, blood tests, etc and have pet passports.

Defra export licence and TRNC import licence expected shortly.

We even have the correct sized cages.

We live near Manchester airport and want to use KTHY to take them to Ercan.

Unfortunately KTHY can only take them from Heathrow or Stansted (not ideal for us, 200 miles up the M6) since they only use planes with the necessary cargo hold on those route - and then it cannot be guaranteed.

Would be grateful to hear from anyone else who has done this recently and their experiences.

e.g. did they arrange it all themselves or did they use an agent - and what costs were involved.

Thanks in advance.


Joined: 14/05/2009
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Message Posted:
16/04/2010 22:05

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Look at . They offer a worldwide re-location service. My daughter used them to take her 2 cats back from the South to Manchester all arranged and confirmed within 48 hours. In fact it was easier for me to arrange their return than get my daughter home!


Joined: 13/06/2008
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Message Posted:
16/04/2010 23:07

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I know that this is not 'hot off the press'... but:-

4 years ago we did the same thing, it soon became obvious that Heathrow was the only real option (at that time) and we just kept ringing and pestering them every day, until they confirmed that they would use a 'plane with a pressurised hold for the flight that we wanted...

Check-in was a nightmare

We had to take the cats out, so that the carriers could pass through the Xray scanners & they managed to tip 'em both up, so that the bedding got saturated with the contents of the drinking containers!

Our Vet wouldn't prescribe a 'tranny' 4 the cats, but I could certainly have done with one- every time we hit an air pocket, I thought of the cats below!

I now understand that for animals below a certain size, it may be possible for them to travel with you in the passenger cabin - it might be worth checking this out...

Please feel free to contact me: Tel: 0090 (0)533 830 1835

Quarantine is another story....


Joined: 13/09/2008
Posts: 188

Message Posted:
16/04/2010 23:24

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This is also not "hot off the press" but you might have more luck with Pegasus Airlines. I brought my cat over from Turkey 2 years ago without any hassle. Everyone was very helpful and "booking" her ticket was just placing a tick in a box when I was booking my own ticket online. Traveling with pet? Yes. As simple as that. She was over the 6kg limit but they didn't seem to mind, I paid her weight in excess baggage, cost me all of 30 lira at the time. You're allowed to have 2 cats in the cabin at once as long as they aren't sharing a cage. Shadow had the seat next to me the whole way.


Joined: 17/10/2007
Posts: 1749

Message Posted:
17/04/2010 00:53

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stick them on your suitcase they might be OK when you get there if not there are plenty of cats that need homes (sorry ony joking but couldnt resist it)


Joined: 21/07/2008
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Message Posted:
17/04/2010 01:09

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I only wish I had known all your advice 5 years ago when I brought my staffi. Defra gave me all the incorrect advise, i hasd to fly back to challenge them. Hoping my baby would fly back with me. The advice i was given was for south cyprus. This was late friday afternoon we were due to fly late saturday. I had to then find someone to fight defra on my behalf and get my baby to me.Pine Kennnals were brill.We met at windsor they took him from me, drove me to the airport.dealth with bloody defra, rang me every day to update ne and to tell me about my love, eventually 10 days we was on a flight to do his quarantine. He missed 3 as the conditions did not allow.He arrived at 2am with no one from the Vetanry dept to take him. left in his cage he travelled in ubtil 11am next day when we took him for his stay. They do not communicate. He is fine now thank god and I beleive its got easier. This cost us well over 1500 pounds, but he is worth it xxxxxxx

Jo Valentine

Joined: 10/02/2008
Posts: 508

Message Posted:
17/04/2010 02:02

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Hi Paul

Try asking Tom at

I know he arranges flights for pets as well as people. Maybe after they are over the Volcanic Ash though!


Jo Valentine


Joined: 21/11/2008
Posts: 144

Message Posted:
17/04/2010 09:07

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Booked a flight for our dog with KTHY ,then booked our own flights to coincide.

A week before we were due to fly they changed the plane so dog unable to fly.We lost the money for our flights End of Nov 2009

Used Turkish Airline, from Manchester Airport Excellant service.They helped us every step of the way.

Booked the dogs flight with the head office at M Airport. She flew as excess baggage. Then our own flights to coincide

Price depends on weight and size. Her flight cost 280, she's a biggy Worth every penny

T/airline staff met us on arrival,booked us in,allowed us to keep her with us on lead but uncaged until an hour before the flight.

At Istanbul we had to change planes. I was pannicstricken in case they lost my dog,(airlines lose luggage)

Needn't have worried they had it all under control. Reassured me and informed me when she boarded.

She arrived at Ercan on the carousel with the luggage looking delighted to see so many people had turned up to greet her!!!


Joined: 31/07/2009
Posts: 189

Message Posted:
17/04/2010 14:14

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H Paul

We came to live in Northern Cyprus April 2009.

Julie Wallis from James Cargo organised everything for our cat and dog to come across on the same flight as we were on Manchester to Ercan.

Julie's e mail

We met here at Manchester airport then she just took over it was great.

Everything went smoothly for them.

I believe now you can do home quarentine as well which is better than the Nicosia quarentine.

If I can help anymore e mail me on



Joined: 07/11/2007
Posts: 350

Message Posted:
18/04/2010 09:13

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Thanks to all who have replied.

Ally TT - I will check out Pegasus from Stanstead.

roblyn - I will contact Turkish Airlines in Manchester.

LoopyLou - will email you.


Joined: 19/07/2007
Posts: 3217

Message Posted:
18/04/2010 09:45

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As Jo so kindly said in Msg 7 We can help from IAH and not just from Lodon we have just assisted in arranging Sam* & the people he owns from Manchester in a couple of weeks. (*A senior dog.)




Joined: 07/11/2007
Posts: 350

Message Posted:
18/04/2010 12:32

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Thanks Tom - I will email you.

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