Step-by-step driving directions from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia, including the route on Google Earth map.
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Kyrenia Harbour Full Moon
Kyrenia Harbour Full Moon
photo by: Suleyman Enguzel
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How do I get to Kyrenia from Ercan Airport

Driving Directions
From Ercan International Airport to Kyrenia (Girne)

When your flight to North Cyprus touches down at Ercan International Airport, it’s good to know that you will soon be driving on to your destination with a minimum of hassle. Once you have collected your luggage and your car keys, take a moment or two to familiarise yourself with your North Cyprus hire car. Check you know the difference between the windscreen wipers and the indicators, for example!

Driving in North Cyprus

Driving in North Cyprus is easy, as you drive on the same side of the road as the UK. Most of the road signs are in Turkish and English, so if you have a good map (ask the hire company for one), you should be able to find your way around North Cyprus with ease.

The Best Route from Ercan International Airport to Kyrenia

Of course, the "best" route is not necessarily the obvious one on the map, so here is the Cyprus44 guide to the easiest route from Ercan International Airport to Kyrenia. Remember, the Turkish Cypriots call Kyrenia by the Turkish name of Girne!

  1. Leave the airport via the main exit.
  2. At the first roundabout, continue straight ahead
  3. You will see a petrol station on your right hand side (useful for topping up your tank when you return your North Cyprus hire car, by the way!)
  4. Just beyond the petrol station is a roundabout. Take the LEFT exit towards Kyrenia (Girne)
  5. Continue along this road for approximately 15 minutes, passing through various sets of traffic lights.
  6. You will now come into a part of town full of car dealerships! You will pass an Opel showroom on your left and a Hyundai showroom on your right.
  7. Continue on past the football stadium on your right.
  8. At the next roundabout, (which has a VW showroom by it!), take the RIGHT hand exit towards the north and the mountains.
  9. Continue along this road as it winds through the countryside, and you will come into Kyrenia itself.
  10. This road will take you into the heart of the old city and the harbour area. If your accommodation is not in the centre of town, make sure you get directions from the main roundabout just outside of Kyrenia itself.

See the Route on Google Earth before you go!

Google Earth Path from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia

If you have Google Earth installed, you can click here and it will draw the exact path described above, from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia.

If not, you may install Google Earth free of charge at: