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Buffavento Castle
Buffavento Castle
photo by: Kenan Erden
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Cyprus Location

Cyprus Island
photo by: NASA Earth Observatory
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The island of Cyprus is the most easterly of all the Mediterranean islands, tucked away under the Turkish mainland and only 40 miles off its coast. No wonder the weather is so good; it is also only 60 miles to Syria and 250 miles south to Egypt! Cyprus is the third largest island, after Sicily and Sardinia.

North Cyprus in Figures

Northern Cyprus comprises just over 35% of the island, and is 100 miles long and only 40 miles wide. The highest point in North Cyprus is Mount Selvili, which rises 3357 feet above sea level, and is part of the Five Finger mountain range. Just over 250,000 people live in Northern Cyprus, with the population equally spilt between living in the towns and the countryside. The capital city is Nicosia, divided between North Cyprus and the south by the famous "Green Line". Over 45,000 people live in North Nicosia, almost 35,000 live in the resort town of Famagusta, and 27,000 in the picturesque harbour town and popular North Cyprus resort of Kyrenia. The currency is the Turkish Lira, each lira comprising 100 new kuros. You will get a far better exchange rate for Turkish Lira if you bring British Pounds or Euro in cash or similar, and exchange money in Northern Cyprus.

The Shape of Cyprus

North Cyprus’s dramatic scenery has been carved by the sea that surrounds the island. Where the land has withstood the waves over time, two famous capes have formed, Zafer Cape at the end of the North Cyprus Karpaz Peninsula, and Korucam Cape in the west. In turn the sea has carved away the land to create a wonderful bay at Famagusta, where the sandy beaches are just waiting to make your North Cyprus family holiday totally relaxing for all. Nevertheless any local can tell you that the best beaches in North Cyprus are in Karpaz region.

The Cyprus Coastline

If you love the sea, you’ll love North Cyprus. Impossibly pretty coves and bays give way to dramatic cliffs, then suddenly revealing a glorious sandy beach. What’s more, these Northern Cyprus beaches are cleaner and safer than most in the Mediterranean, and with North Cyprus water temperature a balmy 24 degrees during the summer, who could resist a swim? North Cyprus hotels make sure that you relax during your stay, with beach service for food and drink if you want it. For the more active, Northern Cyprus beaches are just the place to try out watersports, such as water skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

North Cyprus Mountains and Plain

Northern Cyprus has its own air conditioning system, the Kyrenia, or Five Finger mountains. This narrow range runs parallel with the coast for over 120km. In the middle part of Northern Cyprus is the Mesaoria Plain, the breadbasket of Cyprus, filled with fields of oats, barley and wheat.

North Cyprus ancient sites

Northern Cyprus has been a major trading pot since ancient time, and many of those who came here to trade stayed on. The Romans came here from the west, the Phoenicians from the east, and the Venetians were so impressed they built major castles in North Cyprus. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to stay too, and invest in Northern Cyprus property, but today most people prefer a North Cyprus villa to actually building their own castle!