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Great Inn At Night
Great Inn At Night
photo by: TRNC Ministry of Tourism
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North Cyprus Nature

The natural beauty of North Cyprus is evident from the moment you arrive, from the tip of its mountains to the sand on its beaches. It’s not just Northern Cyprus tourists who appreciate this, though; Turkish Cypriots love their countryside and are more than happy to share it with you!

Karpas Peninsula Video
video by: TRNC Ministry of Tourism
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The sheer variety of the countryside in such a small country is one of the main attractions of a nature holiday on North Cyprus. Within a ninety minute drive, you can climb from secluded sandy coves right into the heart of wooded mountains, or out onto a rocky peninsula jutting into the ocean. This means the nature lover has plenty to see and do all year round.

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Mountain walking in North Cyprus

Walking in the Kyrenia Mountains is a great way to experience the abundance of wildlife in North Cyprus. Join a local group with a knowledgeable guide, and you’ll see exactly what makes these North Cyprus mountains so special. In spring, the mountains are rich with woodland flowers, and alive with the song of migrating birds, some of which remain to breed on the island during the summer.

North Cyprus Wildflowers

Wild Flowers
photo by: Kenan Erden
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The fields in North Cyprus are alive with wild flowers during the spring, when the land is carpeted with cyclamens, anemones, narcissi and wild tulips. By early summer, the citrus trees are in bloom, filling the air with their heady scent, followed by the red blossoms of the pomegranate trees. By autumn, Cyprus cyclamens and autumn crocuses bloom on the northern slopes of the mountains.


The main attraction for wildflower fans during the North Cyprus spring are the orchids. There are over 30 species of wild Cyprus orchid, which inhabit a variety of spaces from shady tree roots to rocky crags. The best place to see bee orchids is at Alevkaya (Halévga) forest station, where there is also a fascinating Herbarium, where you can identify any mystery plants you’ve spotted.


As soon as the spring flowers bloom in North Cyprus, the butterflies emerge. As you walk through any area of flowers, clouds of these and other species butterflies will rise like flying confetti as you pass, a glorious sight.

Wildlife: Mouflons, Donkeys and Sea Turtles

Wild Donkeys
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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The North Cyprus countryside is alive with a variety of wildlife, from birds to the elusive mouflon, a shy, elusive and highly protected species of wild sheep. The famous Cypriot wild donkeys are easier to spot, but keep your distance, as they can be bad tempered. One of the great success stories of wildlife conservation in North Cyprus must be the turtle protection projects, to protect the two species of sea turtles who nest on the northern shores of North Cyprus.

Bird Watching in Northern Cyprus

Just under 350 species of bird call Cyprus home, seven of which are only found on the island. North Cyprus bird watching is a rewarding and fascinating experience for the sheer variety of birds, and the glorious countryside in which to see them.

Marine life

For a really close up view of the marine life around North Cyprus, it’s time to get wet! Scuba diving will bring you close to a wide variety of marine life on dives that are both safe and exciting.

For the nature lover, North Cyprus is a real discovery just waiting to be made.

Nature of Cyprus Organisation's Website

It has extensive information on Cyprus nature and wildlife, along with lists and photographs of birds, mammals, reptiles, plants, mushrooms and more. English, Turkish and Greek languages are available.