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Paragliding in North Cyprus

Paragliding in North Cyprus
photo by: Ozgur Gokasan
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There must be no better way than to see the glories of the North Cyprus countryside than riding the winds on a paraglider. High in the air, the magnificent Northern Cyprus scenery stretches below you like a map, the mountains giving way to fields before you float down to the landing site near a pristine sandy beach.

Tandem paragliding flights in North Cyprus

Highline Air Tours offer tandemparagliding flights, so even total beginners can enjoy the thrill of soaring like a bird.  No experience is necessary, full insurance is included in the price of every trip, and every flight is flown with an experienced pilot, who loves to fly! Full instructions of landing and take-off techniques will ensure you enjoy your North Cyprus paragliding experience to the max. The flights take off from 2500 feet above sea level, and tour pilot will tailor your flight to whatever you wish, whether it be a scenic flight over the Northern Cyprus countryside, or an adventurous flight that shows just how exciting the sport of paragliding can be.

Highline Air Tours:

Paragliding Video
video by: Ozgur Gokasan
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Solo pilot paragliding in North Cyprus

All solo pilots flying in Northern Cyprus should team up with an established company, who will give their names to the authorities. You should always fly with a local guide, as it is all too easy to stray accidentally into a military zone. Companies such as Highline offer equipment rental, and also offer up to four flights a day, weather permitting.

Paragliding courses

Sunsoar paragliding in the UK offer a Post CP thermalling course, to teach you how to ride thermals with ease. The two day holiday in North Cyprus includes accommodation and nine days of potential flying, weather permitting. Take-off is from the St Hilarion area, and the company boast their longest cross-country flight has been a massive 35km! In addition, the landing site is only ten minutes from the hotel they offer – very convenient.

North Cyprus paragliding: how and where

Paragliding Closeup
photo by: Ozgur Gokasan
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Your North Cyprus paragliding company will usually collect you from Kyrenia and take you to the main take-off site just to the west of St Hilarion Castle, and return you to Kyrenia from the landing point. Highline offer three flying sites, “Paradise” at 2500 feet looking over the coast a Kyrenia, “Baba” at 2530 feet, which flies through a valley and over the village of Ilgaz, and one on the Karpaz Peninsula, which takes off from a sand dune 100 metres high and lands you on a sandy beach. Bliss!

Paragliding in Northern Cyprus with the birds!

Flights last about thirty minutes, depending on the quality of the thermals, and who knows, take off by St Hilarion Castle and you may find yourself flying alongside the Cyprus griffon vulture.