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It is hot. Too hot.

Source: Cyprus Observer  
04 July 2007

Cyprus experiences its hottest in the past 60 years

Scorching heat coming from Africa took the island of Cyprus under its influence and increased temperature to 46 Celsius. A Turkish Cypriot Weather Bureau report states that this was only the third time that the temperature had reached this figure over the past 60 years.

The effect of the desert heat showed itself last weekend and on Monday when temperatures reached 42 degrees in the shade though people in the open felt it as 45-46C. The weather was hotter and drier during the daytime in the central areas of the island and hotter during the night on the coasts and near the sea.

Third hottest summer in the last 60 years

Fehmi Oktay, the Head of the Turkish Cypriot Weather Bureau, announced that the previous highest temperatures were 44.9C in Nicosia in 1942 and 43.5C in Gecitkale in 2002.

Experts have warned citizens about the negative effects on health of the excessive temperatures and reminded them that heat triggers diseases such as hypertension and heart attack. They suggested that people do not stay out under the sun if possible and that they consume large amounts of liquids. A normal body temperature is maintained, within a certain range, through perspiration, which changes with the humidity. When perspiration is insufficient to maintain the body temperature it rapidly increases, which may cause damage to the brain and other vital organs.

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