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Exhibition of Devrim Erbil's drawings

Source: Cyprus Observer  
17 November 2006

In his speech opening the exhibition of Turkish artist Prof. Dr. Devrim Erbil's drawings, which runs until 25 November at Nicosia's Ataturk Cultural Centre, President Mehmet Ali Talat said that the Isolations the Turkish Cypriots suffered for years had a very destructive effect especially on art, but despite everything Turkish Cypriot artists showed a great resistance and had themselves been accepted by the rest of the world. He emphasised that such activities are extremely important to support the art of Turkish Cypriots. Talat said, "Introducing different artists, different schools and different approaches to our country's art, I guess, will help the improvement of art in our country."

He reminded those present that Erbil was a teacher and more important a teacher of artists who has a very important place for Turkish Cypriots for his efforts in training local artists so that Talat especially thanked him for his support in the improvement of Turkish Cypriot art and artists. He continued: "Even though people try to infect art with politics, art is a different world on its own; it can tear down the press of politics," and then congratulated and thanked everyone who worked hard for Turkish Cypriot art.

The President, his wife Oya, National Education and Culture Minister Canan Oztoprak and many art lovers attended the opening of the exhibition organised by the Culture Ministry.

Before the opening of the exhibition, Erbil talked to art lovers about his life and art works accompanied by a slide show at the ACC. Throughout his talk Erbil showed examples of works of different artists and said he always worked very hard, devoting his life to art.

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