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A group of House of Lords published an announcement supporting Turkey

Source: TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs  
06 December 2006

A group of British House of Lords sent a joint statement to British Daily "The Daily Telegraph", strongly criticizing the EU and stated that the partial suspension of Turkey's accession to membership of the European Union was insulting to the Turkish people.

The statement, which was published in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, was issued by Lord Ahmed, Lord Harrison, Lord Kilclooney, Lady Knight of Collingtree, Lord Maginnis of Drumglass, Lord Monson, Lord Rogan and Lady Butterworth.

The statement is as follows:

"Turkey, a secular state and significant member of Nato, is now being driven away from Europe and towards Islamic fundamentalism.

This EU decision will be seen to have been a monumental error. The pretext of Cyprus is unacceptable. The EU failed to honour its promises to the Turkish Cypriots that their isolation would end if they voted for the UN proposals for a settlement in Cyprus. In contrast, the EU rewarded the Greek Cypriots with full membership of the EU after they voted against the UN plans.

As a member of the EU, Greek Cyprus (encouraged by Austria and France, which makes freedom of speech on the Armenian issue a criminal offence) now exercises a veto against Turkish membership of the EU. Of course Turkey, if it were to become an EU member, will have to recognize Cyprus: not the present Greek Cypriot state in southern Cyprus, but an agreed Cyprus by Greek and Turkish Cypriots for the whole island. It is unfair and unreasonable for the EU to demand access to Turkish ports for Greek Cypriots and at the same time to continue to deny access to EU ports for Turkish Cypriots.

The Government must now unilaterally agree to direct access to Britain for transport to northern Cyprus.

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