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Giant shark was caught off the TRNC waters

Source: BRT  
02 May 2007

A giant shark, of nearly four meters length, has been caught by three fishermen around one mile off-shore the Kayalar Village near Lapta.

The giant shark, known with its Latin name- Carcarias, was taken to the Lapta Fisherman’s House where it was shown to the public.

Munur Hasimoglu, Turker Bittaci and Salih Bittaci cast their net last night, in 35 metres deep, around a mile off the Kayalar Village.

The fishermen realized that a giant shark got stuck in their net while they were lifting it in the early hours of the morning.

The shark – with nearly 800 kg weight is thought to have stuck in the net while trying to eat the fish in the net.

The fishermen explained that they found it very difficult to take the shark to the coast, adding that it caused serious damage to their net.

They said that it was the biggest shark caught in the TRNC waters, adding that they would sell it.

The Carcarias shark was taken out of the fishing boat with the help of a machine and a team from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Citizens visiting the Lapta Fisherman’s House to see the Carcarias shark were fascinated by its size and took pictures of it.

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