Nightlife in Nicosia, not as lively as in Kyrenia, but still enjoys lots of bars and casinos.
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Sourp Magar Monastery
Sourp Magar Monastery
photo by: Les Willis
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Nightlife in Nicosia

Nicosia may not have the scene that Kyrenia in North Cyprus enjoys, but there’s still plenty of places to find entertainment on your North Cyprus holiday in Nicosia.

Bars and Restaurants in North Nicosia

You’ll find atmospheric restaurants and lively bars.

Casinos in North Nicosia, Northern Cyprus

Casinos are very popular in North Cyprus, and if you fancy a flutter, the casino in the Saray Hotel in Nicosia is welcoming and comfortably international. Of course, if you want to celebrate your win, pop up to the rooftop bar for a celebratory drink and great views across the city. The casinos often bring major stars across from Turkey to entertain, so you can enjoy top class entertainment as well as blackjack, roulette and poker. Other North Nicosia casinos include the Sabris Orient Casino, the Hard Casino, and the casino at the City Royal Hotel.

Clubs and Discos in Nicosia, North Cyprus

Like the casinos, many of the discos in North Nicosia are based around the international hotels. The Royal Hotel, for example, offers a daily programme of a disco along with live events. It is better to stick to major hotel discos, as most so-called "nightclub’s" around Nicosia are little more than tacky escort bars. For a real European style dance club, it’s best to head out of town for the beaches on the north coast, and to open air clubs such as Escape and Night Park that rival Ayaia Napa on top dj nights.

Nicosia Race Club

OK, not exactly nightlife, but with horse races starting at 5pm in the summer, you can have a great Saturday night out at the races. The purpose built stadium is very pleasant inside, and who knows, your horse may even win!