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Joined: 06/12/2008
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Message Posted:
06/03/2009 11:59

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I applied for temp residency last year (my first year) but this year I do not want to apply again as I feel that the 90 day stamp is good enough. (I can not see the benefits that temp. residency offers. Is there anybody that knows whether this can be done or once that you have applied then you have to keep applying each year?


Joined: 14/08/2008
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Message Posted:
06/03/2009 13:25

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It depends on how you are going to get your 90 day stamp. If you intend to cross to the South to get it then be aware that although Immigration may turn a blind eye, it is not the right way to do it and if you have any other problems with the police then you could be deported because you have overstayed your temporary residency.

If you let your temporary residency lapse then the next time you want it you will need to have your medical again.



Joined: 17/02/2008
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Message Posted:
06/03/2009 13:49

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Is it possible to get an extension to your 90 day entry visa without applying for temporary residence, ideally for about another 30 days.


Joined: 17/06/2007
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Message Posted:
06/03/2009 17:17

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I am not sure 100% sure but you could try asking at the main police station in Girne near the market but they may also send you to Nicosia. I heard that sometimes its possible to get up to a 90 day extension (once only) but you need to confirm it.

But whatever you do don't let the initial 90 day period expire before you do so as then they can't do anything and you are subject to hefty daily fines when you leave (unless you get temporary residence).



Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
06/03/2009 21:32

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There was an article in CT a few weeks ago regarding this issue of just renewing 90 days. The main theme being it is not allowed. We all know it happens and some people seem to get away with it and others not.

My simple view, the day you try to leave the country and your Residency is expired and they decide to fine you and throw you out permanently what will you think??

I believe the article may be reproduced on one of the forums, the immigration minister concerned said in it, too many people make the excuse of not knowing the rules when confronted at immigration, now there is no excuse it was front page of CT.

I would ask the question, what was your view on illegal immigrants in the UK because by taking the route you are considering that is what you become here.

Cost of residency about 170tl, what would the cost of expulsion be??


Joined: 27/07/2008
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Message Posted:
07/03/2009 09:48

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CIS you are quite wrong about the illegal immigrant bit..if you have a holiday home here and dont live here permantely why would you want residency... also illegal immigrants in the UK sponge of the system..that is not the case for the brits here.


Joined: 15/09/2008
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Message Posted:
07/03/2009 10:11

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CIH quote 'there is no excuse it was front page of CT' So what if you don't read the CT?

CIH quote 'Cost of residency 170tl, what would the cost of expulsion be?'

A free airfare home!!


Joined: 14/06/2008
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Message Posted:
07/03/2009 11:06

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The problem is that you will never get a definitive answer to this, even, I suspect, if you go to the authorities.

When I was in process of renewing my residency in Sep. I was told you get 1 week's grace where you can go back and forward to South freely. Once I got a new 90 day stamp I thought I could go back and forward without any hassle. Each time I returned to TRNC they asked what the status was of my application and I got anything between 1 week and 30 days visa.

My brother was mid renewal during Bayram, he tried to go South and was refused exit. He tried to explain that he was in the process of renewal and that Bayram had held things up, also he was on his way to pick his wife up from airport. Nothing would wash, they told him to go to the Police Station which wasn't open until the next day. I had to pick his wife up!

I also read that firestarter's husband had similar problems recently. So if your plan is to go South each time you may run into problems.

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
07/03/2009 15:23

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i think over all it depends on your circumstances.

do you live here full time or not?

if you do pay up, if not then go and explain that to immigration and ask their advice on what you should do.

if you come unstuck and get deported you won't be able to visit again, so get it right.

come on aylin,

yes hubby did a couple of weeks ago and his residency actually ran out on that day.

so logically it should have still been in date until midnight.


Joined: 22/10/2008
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Message Posted:
08/03/2009 00:29

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Quarmby message 7 - free air fare home. Not unless you live in Turkey!

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