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Arabahmet Mosque
Arabahmet Mosque
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Weather in Northern Cyprus

Sunset over Kyrenia Mountains
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For most visitors from Europe, the weather in Northern Cyprus is perfect, with its mild winters and hot summers. From mid May to mid October, the summer days are long, hot and sunny, ideal for exploring the beautiful northern coast or just lazing by the swimming pool of your rental villa or hotel in North Cyprus. From December to February, the North Cyprus weather is mild and wet, just right for sightseeing in Kyrenia or North Nicosia.

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Northern Cyprus Temperatures

North Cyprus weather starts to warm up during May, when the temperature rises above 25 degrees. Temperatures then rise steadily into the hottest month of July, when Northern Cyprus can bask in 40 degrees of heat. At night, the temperature can fall to a very pleasant 21 degrees, so you can sleep comfortably in your hotel or villa in North Cyprus. Even in October, Northern Cyprus daytime temperatures can be as high as 26 degrees, so a half term holiday can provide a welcome dose of heat and sunshine for all the family. Only by mid November does the temperature in Northern Cyprus drop to its lowest levels, before starting to rise again in mid March.

Summer Weather in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus summers can be one perfect, hot day following another. Whilst the temperature can be very hot weather in July or August, there is always a Turkish Cypriot cafe where you can cool down with a glass of wine or beer. Head for the northern coast of North Cyprus, and sea breezes provide lovely cooler air; natural air conditioning, if you like! Alternatively, climb up to higher ground, such as the North Cyprus mountain range, where the air is cooler and you get the added benefit of wonderful views across the Northern Cyprus countryside.

Winter Weather in Northern Cyprus

Even during January, weather in North Cyprus enjoys up to six hours of glorious sunshine, a real change from the grey gloom of Northern European skies. Northern Cyprus weather temperatures rarely dip below 5 degrees, even in the winter, and the only snow that may fall in the Kyrenia Mountains will soon melt. Northern Cyprus daytime weather temperatures are pleasant enough at 16 degrees that you won’t mind when the rain falls sometimes. North Cyprus rainfall total less than in much of the Mediterranean, with an average of just 500mm. The Northern Cyprus Kyrenia Mountains get more, up to 750mm, but since the rain falls there, it never reaches Kyrenia, ensuring that weather in Kyrenia remains sunny and rain-free for most of the year.

What to wear in the winter and spring in North Cyprus

The weather in Northern Cyprus during winter is much like a European spring day, so dress for possible changes in the weather, from warm to wet. Certainly, you can leave your heavy winter coats behind, and swap them for jackets that keep the wind and rain out when necessary. You’ll need an extra layer for the evenings, which can be chilly, but a good hot Turkish coffee will soon warm you up!

By spring, you can be sure that the North Cyprus weather will be warmer, but bring an umbrella for the occasional rain shower. By May, you’ll be able to leave the extra layer behind, and just wear a jacket to dinner at your North Cyprus hotel or local Turkish Cypriot restaurant.

What to wear in the summer and autumn

The only extra layer of clothing you’ll need during a Northern Cyprus summer might be a light shirt to keep the hot sun off your shoulders. Always bring a hat, sunglasses and apply plenty of high factor sunscreen, as the North Cyprus sun is hot and strong. You’ll probably feel thirsty, too, so carry a bottle of water and drink often. Of course, you can always enjoy a cool beer at a Kyrenia harbour side café, fanned by cooling sea breezes.

By October the nights have become chilly again, and you’ll welcome that extra layer or jacket as you dine at a local Turkish Cypriot restaurant, or sip a glass of wine on the terrace of your North Cyprus villa.

Buying property in North Cyprus

If the sunshine has tempted you to buy a Northern Cyprus property, don’t try and house hunt in the heat of July and August! Come back in the autumn or spring, when the weather is cooler, and you can enjoy viewing properties in Northern Cyprus without getting overheated.