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Restaurants & Bars in Kyrenia

The North Cyprus Hotels Board guidebook lists no less than 125 restaurants and bars in Kyrenia, (or Girne, as the locals call it) so you’ll always be spoilt for choice!

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Indian Restaurant in Kyrenia

Restaurants in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

The pretty harbour at Kyrenia is just perfect for a night of good food and wine, as the waves lap at the harbour side, and the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea. This Venetian harbour is lined with a wide selection of restaurants and bars, whose table spill out onto the street, and whose waiters try to attract your attention with a cheeky smile. Unlike so many Mediterranean resorts, the restaurants at Kyrenia harbour are not tourist traps, but places where locals like to eat too, and which serve good food at reasonable prices.

The historic carob warehouses that sit beside the harbour have been well restored and converted into shops and restaurants, and the staff at Carob Restaurant are particularly proud of their building’s history. Here, you can relax on a rooftop or balcony table, overlooking the sea, and choose from a varied menu of Turkish and European food.

One thing you will not do in a Kyrenia restaurant is go hungry! The popular Niazis restaurant serves a full kebab, cooked right in front of you, and the portions are generous to a fault. The Green House restaurant is very popular with the young local crowd, who love the pile of Mexican fajitas served sizzling on a hotplate. However, if you just fancy an ice cream in your hand as you slowly wander around the harbour, you can’t do better than the Geye outlet, the only place you can buy this famous Tukish ice cream on the island.

Wander away from the harbour, and there’s plenty of other Kyrenia restaurants just waiting to be discovered. From the upmarket Brasserie by the cobbled steps below Belediye Meydini to the late night pastries at Simit Dünyasi, there’s always something to tickle your taste buds. For authentic Turkish flavours, try Anibal with its sophisticated kebabs or Yeni Han with its good range of vegetarian dishes. Pizza and pasta are popular in North Cyprus, with real Italian flavours to be found at Luciano’s restaurant. There are also Chinese and Indian restaurants in Kyrenia

Spot Bar in Karmi
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Kyrenia bars: a great choice

At night, Kyrenia seems to fling open its doors and invite you in for a drink. Bars across town will welcome you, each with their own atmosphere. They vary from the quiet and cosy to the loud and boisterous, and many offer live music or djs at the weekends. Café 34 and Boaters Café have good reputations, while Essanto has the unique feature of having a river run right through the venue! Drinking at the Night Jar bar in Kyrenia doesn’t even start until 9pm, and there is sometimes live music for dancing, plus a pool table. There are also pubs in Kyrenia, such as the Castle Pub, which offers Sky Sports on tv.

Kyrenia clubs

Several bars and restaurants turn into mini clubs late in the evening, with dancing to djs until the early hours or later. C’est la Vie, a popular cellar venue almost underneath the Djafer Pasha Mosque, regularly stays open until 6am for dedicated party animals. Café 34 may be tucked away in a corner, but its lively atmosphere at all hours is almost infectious. If all that dancing makes you hungry, the Beyti restaurant (in Cengizhali Sokak) is open 24 hours a day.