Nightlife in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.
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St Hilarion Castle
St Hilarion Castle
photo by: TAK News Agency
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Nightlife in Kyrenia

Spot Bar in Karmi
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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With an impossibly pretty harbour, it’s not wonder that nightlife in Kyrenia (or Girne, as the locals call it) centres around the water. This is probably the most picturesque place to eat and drink in North Cyprus, and the harbour side is lined with restaurants and bars. Tables spill out onto the street, and waiters will try to catch your eye as you walk past, with special attention paid to young and pretty girls! Locals and Northern Cyprus tourists alike spend many happy hours here, their night air filled with happy chatter and the clink of glasses and cutlery on emptied plates. This is a place to see and been seen, so put on your coolest glad rags and join in.

Nightlife News

Read news on North Cyprus to learn about new night clubs and bars opening in Kyrenia and also the coming up show programme.

Kyrenia bars: take your pick!

Not that you have to eat, either. Kyrenia bars will serve drinks right through into the night, although it might be an idea to have some meze to soak up at least some of the alcohol in the summer heat.  Bars vary from the quiet to the loud and boisterous, some with live music, some with wide screen TV. Just chose which one suits you – many exists side by side so it’s never very far to the next one!

Kyrenia Nightclubs

Kyrenia’s nightclubs are fun and friendly, unlike some of their cold commercial cousins south of the border. Normally, clubs next to car parks should be avoided, but not in the case of Night Park. Featuring the best local dj talent, this is where all the real revellers end up in Kyrenia to dance the night away. And yes, it is right next to the main car park.

Like most club scenes, Kyrenia’s clubs come and go, so it’s good to see an old favourite back on the scene. The C’est la Vie club has been revamped and refurbished, and new owner Shola has made this cellar venue the hot place to be. Again, like Night Jar, it opens at 9pm, with regular local dj slots. The Cherenis Gardens also promises to be a cool open-air venue, as the owners plan to keep it running right through the winter season.

North Cyprus hotel nightclubs are usually great fun, with Roxanne’s (at The Rocks) topping the list. It may not actually have a dance floor, but from 11pm onwards nobody can resist dancing to the local djs eclectic mix of music from 70s funk to chill. The music is a bit at odds with the Guns n’ Roses memorabilia decorating the walls, but that’s the fun of North Cyprus nightclubs!

If you fancy dancing at any hotel nightclub, such as the Zeta Club at the Jasmine Court, just come on in; residents and non-residents are equally welcome.

Live Music in Kyrenia

Most bars and pubs in Kyrenia have some live music, although be advised that the term “live music” does include dj sets. For real live musicians, head to La Habanera in the Rocks Hotel. From Thursday to Sunday, this venue offers some seriously good jazz, not surprising when the Kyrenia Jazz festival is fast becoming a must-do diary item for jazz fans.

Karaoke in Kyrenia

You know you can’t resist the temptation of karaoke in Kyrenia, the chance to belt out your version of “Angels” or “Dancing Queen”! The Villa Swallow is a restaurant/bar run by a British couple, and on Fridays it throbs to the sound of Kylie wannabees. If it all gets too painful, there’s also a games room with pool, darts and Playstations.

Kyrenia beaches nightlife

If you fancy dancing in the moonlight, try either the Club Acapulco or Escape Beach Club. These beach complexes are packed with sun worshippers by day, and dedicated clubbers by night. They are both great places to party until almost dawn.

More information on Kyrenia Nightlife

You can find listings for all Kyrenia events and nightlife in Cyprus Today newspaper, Essential Cyprus Magazine or North Cyprus Magazine.