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Namik Kemal Dungeon
Namik Kemal Dungeon
photo by: Sinem Tulipa Turcica
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What to See in Kyrenia

Kyrenia Castle
photo by: Izzet Zorlu
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The lovely harbour town of Kyrenia, North Cyprus, is a wonderful place to explore and wander around, before settling down for a meal beside the picturesque harbour. Yet there is much more to Kyrenia than just the harbour and town, so here are some of the ‘must-see’ sights in North Cyprus. Some are in Kyrenia town itself, others require a car to visit.

Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus
So good, they built it four times! Kyrenia Castle is a must see tourist site in North Cyprus.

Kyrenia Harbour, North Cyprus
A picture-perfect harbour, where eating, drinking and relaxing is almost obligatory. The best place for a romantic dinner in North Cyprus by far! Or indeed, a romantic lunch, afternoon drink, evening stroll…

St. Hilarion Castle
One of three Crusader castles along the Northern Cyprus coastline.

Bellapais Monastery
Picturesque ruins with great Gothic arches and towering stone walls.

Buffavento Castle, North Cyprus
For the best views in North Cyprus, climb to the top of this two-tier castle in the Kyrenia Mountains and feel the breeze on your face!

Five Finger Mountains
Great for hiking, horse riding, bird watching, paragliding and more.

Sourpmagar Monastery, North Cyprus
Tucked amongst the pine trees in the Kyrenia Mountains, this ruined monastery has spectacular views and wonderfully peaceful surroundings. Ideal for an all-day North Cyprus picnic.

Hz. Omer Tomb, North Cyprus
No less than seven holy saints lie in this simple but striking tomb on the North Cyprus coast, the waves almost lapping at their feet.

Karmi Necropolis, North Cyprus
Karmi may be best known as a special village restoration project, but its tombs date back long before even the Romans arrived in North Cyprus.

Antiphonitis Church, North Cyprus
An atmospheric monastery church, with early frescoes.

Kirsokava, North Cyprus
A real Northern Cyprus hidden treasure. This quarry was once full of Roman tombs and Christian houses, with churches carved into the rocks. Unusual, atmospheric, and unique.

Lambousa, North Cyprus
How did the Romans keep their fish fresh before the invention of fridges? The answer lies in the rocks of this abandoned settlement, where priceless treasures were once found.

Lapta (Lapithos), North Cyprus
Where are the best oranges and lemons in North Cyprus? Here, where mountain springs flow to make this pretty mountainside village in North Cyprus a must-do drive from Kyrenia, even if it didn’t have fantastic views. Which it does, in abundance.

Vrysi (Catalkoy) , North Cyprus
One of the best beaches in North Cyprus is also right next to one of the oldest settlements on the island, so you can go from sun and sand to ancient civilization in just a few steps!