Kyrenia enjoys a wonderful weather year round.
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Kyrenia Weather

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Weather in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus basks in over 300 days of glorious sunshine a year, and Kyrenia on the North Cyprus coast enjoys a wonderful year round climate.

Northern Cyprus has Mediterranean weather, with long hot summers and cool winters. The lack of rainfall in the summer ensures that the weather in Kyrenia consists of day after day of clear skies and sunshine. Central Cyprus, and especially Nicosia, can get very, very hot in the summer, so for centuries, Turkish Cypriots have come to the coastal town of Kyrenia for its cooling sea breezes – and a quick dip in the Mediterranean Sea at one of the stunning beaches around Kyrenia!


Winter temperatures and weather in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

The shelter of the Kyrenia Mountains and the warm seas surrounding North Cyprus mean that Kyrenia enjoys some of the best weather in North Cyprus. January and February are the coolest months, with some rain falling in January, but never enough to put off the determined golfers flocking to the Esentepe golf course near Kyrenia! Much of the rain falls in the mountains so often the weather in Kyrenia is better than almost anywhere else in North Cyprus. Kyrenia also enjoys a long dive season, thanks to the sea temperatures that do not drop below 16 degrees Celcius and in the summer rise to 28 degrees Celcius.

Spring temperatures and weather in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

By March, the temperatures in Northern Cyprus are rising, and by April, the spring flowers colour the mountains behind Kyrenia. April and May are ideal months for a walking holiday based in Kyrenia North Cyprus, when the weather is ideal for trekking through the mountains and watching butterflies. Being a Northern Cyprus coastal town, Kyrenia does get occasional storms during the spring, but is largely sheltered from the strong westerly winds.

Summer temperatures and weather in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

As the sun shines down on Northern Cyprus for up to eleven hours a day during the summer months, the centre of the island can experience temperatures over 40 degrees. However, the weather in Kyrenia is much more comfortable at around 30 degrees at its height, thanks to the cooling sea breezes. The humidity is generally low, at around 60 percent, so you never feel too "sticky" either! Kyrenia is also protected by the Kyrenia mountains from the hot, dry sirocco wind that blows both heat and dust across from Africa, a welcome relief indeed.

Autumn temperatures and weather in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Autumns in Kyrenia, North Cyprus are a great time to visit, since the majority of tourists have returned home and the town seems to relax a little. Daytime weather in Kyrenia is mostly sunny and bright, and warm up until mid October. The little cold and wet weather Kyrenia gets will not arrive until December.

Dressing for the weather in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

The secret of dressing for the weather in Kyrenia is to respect the sunshine. In summer, the sun is both hot and strong, so you should cover up in light layers when walking through the town of exploring the walls. Always wear a hat, and apply high factor sunscreen to exposed areas. If you love the beaches around Kyrenia, make sure you use a high factor sunscreen and apply frequently – and drink lots of water.

During the spring and autumn, the weather in Kyrenia turns chillier at night, so bring a jacket for any after dinner stroll. If you are in the mountains, the temperatures will be generally cooler, and during the winter the ground may be wet underfoot.