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Medical Holidays in North Cyprus

Medical Tourism in North Cyprus

Fed up with long national health service waiting lists, unavailable IVF treament, or overpriced private dental treatments? Come to North Cyprus!

Thousands of UK and European residents come to North Cyprus every year to benefit from the lower costs of medical and dental treatments in the TRNC’s private clinics and facilities, including the NEU hospital. Thanks to the strength of the UK pond against the Turkish lira (the currency used in North Cyprus) increasing numbers of UK residents are coming for life-enhancing surgery and treatments, from varicose veins to dental implants.

Medical holidays (or medical tourism) have been popular for several years, but tended to be centered in north European countries. Now, those requiring routine or non-emergency treatment can come on holiday to North Cyprus for low cost treatment instead, and recover in the delightfully warm sunshine that bathes the island 300 days a year.

IVF treatment in North Cyprus

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is one of the miracles of modern science, allowing couples previously affected by infertility to have children. More and more UK women are delaying having children to a little later in life, only to discover that they may have problems conceiving, and that the NHS will not offer IVF to them.

IVF treatments in North Cyprus are both effective and affordable, allowing couples the opportunity to relax in the sunshine between the stages involved, from egg extraction to pregnancy test. The success rates are impressive too.

At the Dogus IVF Centre in Nicosia, they use the ICSI IVF process, which guarantees each egg is properly fertilised. In addition, over 80% of fertilised eggs are viable, giving couples a much better chance of success.

Dental treatments in North Cyprus

UK ex-pats living in North Cyprus have been telling their friends about the inexpensive dental treatments, and the country is recognised as one of the nicest places to get your teeth fixed in the Mediterranean! Turkish Cypriot dentists are highly trained and experienced in a wide range of both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Since Cyprus just a cheap 4 hour flight away from the UK, it can prove considerably cheaper to have dental works such as bridgework, root canal treatments or implants done in the sunshine than privately in the UK.

Private Medical Treatment in North Cyprus

One of the great advantages of having your medical, IVF or dental treatment in North Cyprus is that almost every medical professional speaks excellent English. So, there is no language barrier or need for translators at any consultation or treatment, unlike other medical tourism countries. Since you c-book your own treatments, you can schedule them during a holiday or at a time to suit you, without any long waiting lists.

As with all private treatment, you should properly research the clinics and practitioners offering private medical operations and treatments in North Cyprus. Ring rather than email for further information, so you can judge their standard of English and efficiency over the phone. It is advisable to book a consultation visit first, so you can meet your consultant and discuss treatment options before making any firm commitment. If this means two trips to North Cyprus, it will usually be worth it for your own peace of mind, the suitability of your treatment an ultimately, your health.

Once you have decided on your clinic and course of treatment, make sure you get a full quotation for the total cost in writing. Also make sure you know what currency the prices are quoted it; there is a considerable difference, for example, between a bill quoted in US dollars and in UK pounds!

Make sure you have also budgeted for your stay in North Cyprus before and after your treatments; you may not be allowed to fly, for example, for a set period after surgery. Luckily, five star hotels in North Cyprus are just as reasonably priced as your treatments, so you can relax and recover in luxury for less!

For surgical procedures, you should budget for an extra night or two in hospital, just in case; many clinics will take a credit card number to cover any extras that might be required. Again, make sure you have a quote for this, so you know if your bill is correct.