Step-by-step driving directions from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia, including the route on Google Earth map.
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Selimiye Mosque Inside
Selimiye Mosque Inside
photo by: Sinem Tulipa Turcica
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How do I get to Kyrenia from Larnaca Airport

Driving Directions From Larnaca International Airport South Cyprus to Kyrenia (Girne) North Cyprus

Cheap flights to Larnaca in Cyprus are one way of travelling to North Cyprus for less cash! If you choose a charter flight to Larnaca, you can either take a taxi transfer to North Cyprus, or take your hire car across the border. Note that you will need to tell your south Cyprus car hire company you intend to do this, and buy additional insurance at the border.

Larnaca Airport Car Hire

Once you have picked up your suitcases from the carousel and cleared Customs, then collect your hire car from the desks in the hall. Check you have a map of both south Cyprus and North Cyprus, and remember that road signs will be in English and Greek in south Cyprus, and English and Turkish in North Cyprus. Now you are ready to enjoy a picturesque drive from Larnaca airport to Girne, passing through the border near Nicosia.

Driving in Cyprus

It’s worth remembering that place names do vary in Cyrpus. For example, the capital Nicosia is also referred to as Lefkosia or Lefkosa, whilst Kyrenia can also be signposted as Keryneia and Girne.

The Best Route from Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia

Maps don’t always show you the easiest route to drive, so here is the Cyprus44 guide to the easiest route from Larnaca airport to Kyrenia. This route avoids the busy border crossing in the heart of Nicosia. Cyprus44 also suggest you reset your mileage counter at the airport, so you can follow our directions more easily!

  1. From the main exit at Larnaca airport, you come to a roundabout
  2. Turn LEFT at the roundabout towards Lefkosia (59km)
  3. At the next roundabout, continue straight ahead to Lefkosia
  4. At the large roundabout with an overpass, take the RIGHT exit towards Lefkosia (56km). You are now on the main A3 dual carriageway.
  5. Approximately 12 km from the airport, take the LEFT fork signposted for Larnaka and Lefkosia A2
  6. At the next roundabout, take the LEFT filter lane towards Lefkosia
  7. Continue along the dual carriageway A2 towards Lefkosia. After a few kilometres, the A2 merges with the A1. Stay on this road.
  8. Approximately 44km from the airport, there is a football stadium on your left. You will begin to see signs for Troodos, Strovolos and Keryneia.
  9. Take Junction 3 for the B22/A9.
  10. At the roundabout, decorated with large coloured spheres, use the LEFT filter lane signposted Keryneia (38km).
  11. Carry on at the traffic lights by the shopping centre following signs for Lakatameia and Troodos
  12. Carry on through another set of traffic lights, and at the roundabout continue straight ahead for Lakatameia and Troodos
  13. At the roundabout with a Metro store, continue straight ahead for Keryneia and Troodos
  14. At the next roundabout, continue straight on for Makedonitissa and Keryneia
  15. At the T junction at the top of a hill with a church on the right, turn RIGHT towards Kioneli and Keryneia
  16. At the next roundabout, go straight ahead.
  17. Just after the Coca Cola factory, turn LEFT at the traffic lights marked Kioneli and Keryneia
  18. The border is ahead of you, so take the slip road off to the left and park by the portacabins.
  19. You will need to buy your North Cyprus insurance and get your papers stamped.(See below).
  20. From the border, continue to the first roundabout and continue on straight ahead.
  21. At the second roundabout, turn LEFT towards Girne, Kyrenia, Gonyali, Guzelyurt.
  22. Follow the dual carriageway to the next roundabout.
  23. Turn RIGHT at the roundabout.
  24. At the next roundabout with the large Memorial statues, turn LEFT towards Kyrenia/Girne.
  25. Follow the road through the mountains to Kyrenia, and a perfect North Cyprus holiday!

Checkpoints at the South-North Cyprus border

Checkpoints are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will need to buy extra insurance for your hire car, costing around GBP20 for a period up to one month. You must also have your driving licence with you, or you will not be allowed into North Cyprus! Present your passport and visa application (the white slips provided) and car insurance papers, and get your papers stamped. Get more information about Cyprus border crossings.

Returning to Larnaca Airport from North Cyprus

Simply follow the directions above in reverse! Do not try to bring the following items into south Cyprus, as they are liable to be confiscated:

  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Expensive items of clothing

Also, do NOT bring details on North Cyprus properties across the border from North to south, not even sales brochures. The Greek Cypriots border authorities may detain and question you, and you may miss your flight. If you have information you wish to keep, post it via an international courier from Nicosia before you cross the border. Read how other North Cyprus property buyers warn you about this on our discussion forums.

See the Route on Google Earth before you go!

If you want to look at the actual route, you can use Google Earth to get a bird’s eye view before you even leave the UK! Simply type "Larnaca Airport, Cyprus" into Google Earth’s "Fly To" box, and follow the directions above.

If not, you may install Google Earth free of charge at: