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What to See in North Nicosia

Nicosia City Walls
photo by: Glen Bowman
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The Best Sights to see in North Nicosia, North Cyprus

Nicosia City Walls
The old part of Nicosia is contained within mighty defensive walls, originally built during medieval times. Indeed, as you come in to Ercan airport on your flight to North Cyprus, on a clear day you can easily see the outline of the walls around the city from the air.

The Great Inn, or Büyük Han
All over medieval Turkey, come nightfall, weary travellers would head towards the nearest han, or inn. The Great Inn of Nicosia is now only one of two remaining inns in the whole of Cyprus that still retain in the original format, so it is well worth visiting on your North Cyprus holiday.

Selimiye Mosque (St Sophia Cathedral)
Right at the heart of the old city of North Nicosia is the Selimiye Camii (or mosque), housed in the former St Sophia Cathedral.

Bandabulya, or The Municipal Market of Nicosia
Nothing reveals the spirit of a country more than a market, so make sure you find time to visit this one during your holiday in Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia Gate, North Nicosia
When you visit Nicosia on your North Cyprus holiday, chances are you’ll enter this fascinating city via the historic Kyrenia Gate, as this is where most buses from the north coast will drop you.

Arabahmet Old House
photo by: Nick Leonard
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The Arabahmet District
If you want to see the best Ottoman houses in North Cyprus on your holiday, head for the Arabahmet district of North Nicosia.

Arabahmet (Arap Ahmet) Mosque
The Arabahmet Mosque is a modest building set amongst trees and an immaculate garden, a lovely quiet and cool place to sit if you want to escape from the heat and bustle of the city your Northern Cyprus holiday!

Atatürk Square and the Venetian Column
Atatürk Square, or Atatürk Meydani, is the heart of North Nicosia, and the best starting point to explore the city during your holiday in North Cyprus.

Bazaars in North Nicosia
One of the great delights of any holiday, and especially a North Cyprus holiday, is shopping! Forget international malls and big brand names, and explore the shops, markets and bazaars of North Nicosia for everything from clothing to jewellery.

The Bedestan
The Bedestan was originally a small sixth-century Byzantine church, before the church of St Nicholas of the English was added to it in the twelfth century. It’s also near to some great kebab restaurants!

The Dervish Pasha Mansion, North Nicosia
A revealing insight into lie in a traditional Ottoman house during the 19th century.

The Gamblers Inn in Nicosia
The Gamblers Inn is one of only two such inns left intact, so visit and have a cup of tea at the nearby teahouse too!

Grand Bath
photo by: Anonymous
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Grand Bath (Büyük Hammam)
For a taste of real Turkish life on your North Cyprus holiday, why not join the locals at the Grand Bath to relax and steam in this traditional hammam.

Haydar Pasha Mosque (St Catherine's Church)
The elegant Gothic windows and warm yellow sandstone used to build the original church make it a very pretty building to visit on your North Cyprus holiday.

The Lapidary Museum
Just next to the Selimiye Meydani is the Lapidary Museum, which is as interesting for the building’s history as for its contents!

Mevlevi Tekke (Museum of the Whirling Dervishes)
This Museum is well worth a visit during your holiday in North Cyprus, for a fascinating insight into an ancient order that we probably have heard of, yet often know so little about.

Sultan Mahmud II Library
The Sultan Mahmud II Library has bookshelves from floor to ceiling packed with priceless books – or does it?

Tanzimat Street
Tanzimat Street lies in the old Arabahmet district of North Nicosia, and contains some of the finest Victorian houses in Nicosia. It’s well worth a visit during your holiday in North Cyprus, if only for the strange feeling of déjà vu it might inspire!

Turunclu Camii
The Turunclu Camii lies just at the western end of the busy shopping area of Arasta Street.

Yenicami Mosque
The name "Yeni Cami" means new mosque, although looking at the remains today, it looks less than new!