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Joined: 14/08/2008
Posts: 1343

Message Posted:
16/03/2009 14:37

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Went this morning to renew our residencies .. First time since the tickets system has been in operation .. Got issued with a ticket & when called went in .. "Only one ticket" the girl said, "2 passports need 2 tickets" .. Thought by the way she said it would be "come back tomorrow" .. Off she went & came back with 1 file with both our documents in .. Paid the fee, 350 YTL for the 2 in the office directly opposite went back, rubber stamped passports, job done .. Word of warning :-

1 ... Get there early, all tickets for the day were issued at 8.30 am .. Approx 40 .. People coming in after but before 9.00 am were told to come back tomorrow no more tickets for today ..

2 .. If man & wife together get 2 tickets, should you happen to get the wrong "jobsworth", it will be only one passport done ..


Joined: 31/03/2007
Posts: 2381

Message Posted:
16/03/2009 23:19

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WE were there on 11th, 15 tickets are available for each of 4 staff in residence!

As all had been issued by 9.30 we were added to a list to come back at 1.30.

Came back at 1.10, got first ticket and seen at 2.05 despite office supposedly open at 1.30.

Fixers were allowed in to office, one even had a box of cigarettes to be handed in.

I do not normally offer a condemneation of the services here but having seen at first hand what can one say!!!!!!


Joined: 14/12/2008
Posts: 1096

Message Posted:
17/03/2009 01:08

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Plus ca change ...........


Joined: 17/03/2009
Posts: 62

Message Posted:
17/03/2009 07:49

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We had the same problems when we went to do our residency the other day. You need to book they whole day to get this done!



Joined: 17/07/2008
Posts: 5301

Message Posted:
17/03/2009 08:01

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I remember when Loui from Pegasus did mine the first year he took boxes of cakes and cigs and he walked straight in. If only


Joined: 11/05/2007
Posts: 102

Message Posted:
17/03/2009 10:31

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I need to renew mine soon so can you tell me exactly what I need to take please in the way of documents , stamps etc.

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
Posts: 3401

Message Posted:
17/03/2009 20:18

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hubby did ours, was in and out within an hour.

its not what you know but who you know,lol.


Joined: 02/07/2008
Posts: 1519

Message Posted:
22/03/2009 12:38

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HI, I also need to do mine in the next couple of weeks. Do you apply to the police station 2 or 3 weeks before it expires, and do the police accept a copy of the purchase contract with the land registry stamp on or does it have to be the original. My original is with my solicitors with me hoping and praying to get my PTP before the end of March. Also what stamps do we now need for the muthars letter. If only it could be the same each year, how simple life would be.


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