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Joined: 25/03/2009
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Message Posted:
25/03/2009 14:17

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Hi, Have had problems with builder claiming I owe more than what is listed in contract. Estate agent has declined to help, (though his signature is on contract) claiming to be just a witness. Found Tugce Volkan Public Relations Officer, spoke to her b4 xmas and was to contact her in early January. Meanwhile had death in family, & had to fly to Australia, have returned March, phone number no longer working. Tried contacting Necibe Ustun Government Legal Advisor (same office, same phone number and email address) no reply to email either. Can anyone tell me who now runs Property Complaints Office who has the same connection to the Ministry. Am sure I saw my apartment up for sale, and yet only last 3K is in dispute. Estate agent ignoring emails, builder also. Am frantic with distress, cannot afford anymore solicitors fees as that path proved useless. If anyone can advise me if Tugce Volkan can be contacted elsewhere please contact me. Lucia


Joined: 05/01/2008
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Message Posted:
25/03/2009 15:30

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Hi Lucia .

Sorry to hear of your plight , i know how you feel re non answered E-mails , no updates etc . shocking in one word , hope these people can sleep at night . Try tugce ( . Good luck


Joined: 05/09/2008
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Message Posted:
25/03/2009 15:46

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Lucia, I too am sorry to hear of your plight however, if it's any consolation our builder/solicitor never ever answer phone calls or email, in the past (4years) this is something we worried about, they only seem to help when you are actually their.

You may have seen your apartment up for sale, they have done this in the past with a friend of ours, they weren't actually selling the apartment advertised, but one not finished, just to show what it will look like as a finished property.

Good luck to you I hope everything works out.



Joined: 03/12/2008
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Message Posted:
25/03/2009 17:08

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Hi Lucia,

I to am sorry to hear your story and it truly is a sad state of affairs, just keep going and continue fighting then sink your teeth in and don't let go, justice will prevail in the end i am sure. GOOD LUCK....


Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
25/03/2009 17:32

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The PIO is effectively no longer operating, this from HBPG.

They had no teeth to start with now they are just a recording service for complaints. Once received that's your lot I am afraid.

Have you tried contacting HBPG?


Joined: 18/02/2008
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Message Posted:
25/03/2009 19:29

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Unfortunately the PCO have no legal powers to force the builders/developers etc to rectify problems. However, I would urge everyone with a problem to register their complaint for statistic reasons only. So far around 350 people have registered a complaint and with such low numbers, the figures can be used against property purchasers by saying there are only a few people with problems here, and we know that is not the case. People failing to register will make it more difficult to get things changed for the better for all purchasers. You may not receive a reply for updates or a satisfactory conclusion from the PCo (PIO) but please continue to register. Info can be found here: Necibe is no longer working in the PCO

Anyone is welcome to attend the HBPG surgeries 12-3pm on Tuesdays at the Pia Bella for advice.



Joined: 13/08/2009
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Message Posted:
08/12/2010 07:29

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There are a few good people like Marian and Malcolm and his friends doing a great deal to highlight most of these matters but like we all know, many in Government still have their heads in the sand, so to speak! Every small step towards highlighting these situations is a good thing. Wouldn't it be revealing if there was a Wikileak from within the TRNC Govt circles

Anyway, I am currently constructing a page on Construction Companies in the TRNC and some of the information may be of help or at least of interest:

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