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14/02/2008 23:30

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One of the most rewarding ways to help us is to sponsor one our beautiful dogs or cats. There are many to choose from, all colours, shapes and sizes, and all with very different personalities.

10 per month will sponsor one of our animals but this by no means covers it's ongoing daily care, medication, and food.

We ask for an initial set up payment of three months sponsorship. This can be done as a standing order, please ask the bank to use a reference of either your name or the animals name so we know who the payment is coming from.

We will send you a photo and tell you all about your chosen animal, you will receive regular updates and a Christmas card.

It is not our policy to allow sponsorship of puppies under 6 months old, these are normally the first to find new homes.

Our aim is always to try and re-home our animals where possible if this happens we will then offer you the choice of another animal.

You can be assured that we are very careful about re-homing animals to homes that are suitable but for various reasons we are not able to divulge information on that new home.

We would like to see some of our older residents sponsored. Animals who have not been lucky yet or who for some reason we are unlikely to re-home.

If you are lucky enough to live in or visit North Cyprus you can come to our centre and choose your own animal to sponsor, (it is very hard to choose!) Of course you are welcome to come and see them as often as you wish, and if you are sponsoring a dog you can take it and one of its friends for a walk. This might be an ideal solution for you if you want a dog but are unable to have one where you live.

We have many animals looking for sponsorship, some of which can be seen on our sponsor paage on out web site then just click on picture's to enlarge.

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