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Joined: 25/02/2008
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Message Posted:
03/03/2008 23:21

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Has anyone stayed at the Malpas hotel ? It looks good and I intend to stay there at the end of March. View appreciated.


Joined: 31/07/2007
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Message Posted:
03/03/2008 23:23

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Hi Drumab

Sorry I've not heard any reports. It does look impressive though.



Joined: 26/08/2007
Posts: 14

Message Posted:
04/03/2008 01:13

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Hi DRUMAB my wife and i are staying there on the 6th march ill let you know, its ment to better than the Rocks hotel ? We stayed there last sept 07 it was very good .



Joined: 01/12/2006
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Message Posted:
04/03/2008 22:56

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I would highly recommend Malpas Hotel.

As a travel agent, I can say that I have been selling Malpas Hotel for almost a year now and we did not have any complaints so far!

A *real* 5 star hotel with great value for money!

We offer cheaper rates for Malpas Hotel than their website



Joined: 10/12/2007
Posts: 16

Message Posted:
04/03/2008 23:30

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stayed there in december true 5 star hotel everything about the place was first class,they have every facility you require ,plus very reasonable rates. izzet is right cheaper to book through cyprus


Joined: 25/02/2008
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Message Posted:
04/03/2008 23:49

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Thanks Izzet. I have booked through gonorthcyprus and gave my credit card details buty now have an email asking me to send a form through with all my credit card details on, which clearly I am a little nervous. Do I have to do this to confirm booking ?


Joined: 02/03/2008
Posts: 7819

Message Posted:
05/03/2008 00:11

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Izzet do you do a deal for flight and taxi to and from Larnaca,




Joined: 01/12/2006
Posts: 920

Message Posted:
05/03/2008 01:00

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DRUMAB - As explained in our confirmation email, the credit card authorisation form is necessary because it's what all banks ask for a key-in transaction in North Cyprus.

A key-in transaction is a transaction where a credit card is not present physically.

Normally, banks in other countries accept transactions valid when payment is done through a secure server with the server holding necessary information like the person's Internet address (IP Address), etc.

But, in North Cyprus, unfortunately, they don't accept that and need a signature.

Since you are not here, we need to get your signature over email or fax.

I am sorry for this inconvenience and we are trying our best to solve this all the time. We asked this to all banks in North Cyprus - same answer. The only solution seems like moving our payment processor to a UK bank which is not feasible since we do not have an office / business registered in the UK.

Let me know here if you have any general questions, but please email any specific booking related questions to our email address.



Joined: 01/12/2006
Posts: 920

Message Posted:
05/03/2008 01:03

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newlad - you can book packages or flights through our main website.

If you book your hotel only, we can also arrange your airport transfer.

Just let us know your flight number and arrival time in the comments section of the booking form, or email us.

Larnaca - Kyrenia - 35 one way

Larnaca - Malpas Hotel - 40 one way

Ercan - Kyrenia - 25 one way

Ercan - Malpas Hotel - 25 one way

Please note that the above private taxi transfer rates are very competitive.

You *cannot* find a lower price!



Joined: 08/02/2008
Posts: 89

Message Posted:
05/03/2008 02:11

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AbbyG was there a couple of weeks ago and we went there to meet her. Its a fantastic hotel, 5 star and a true 5 star by all standards. Abby should be back on here by the end of the week and she can fill you in more, but a great place and the rooms were excellent. (before you lot ask about what i was doing in her room I was with my missus and no french jokes about menage lol)

I know they have special room rates on at the moment and its worth every penny!


Joined: 29/07/2007
Posts: 1895

Message Posted:
05/03/2008 10:06

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Thank for the info izzet


Joined: 05/03/2008
Posts: 27

Message Posted:
05/03/2008 15:44

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we went for a night out there last summer,really enjoyable but beware of bar prices at the end of the night.


Joined: 26/11/2007
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Message Posted:
03/04/2008 09:10

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Only just seen this post, so a bit late for DRUMAB, but for anyone else interested, as nglbarnes said, I stayed at the hotel in March and thought it was fab. Bearing in mind that I've stayed in a lot of 'plush' hotels in my time and very much appreciate a bit of luxury, I was a bit worried that I'd be disappointed once I arrived (I've been very unlucky on my last 2 - 3 trips abroad; having booked a 4 or 5 star hotel online I've arrived to find the hotels, well, dumps, basically!!!). However, the Malpas was a delight. The staff very attentive, the rooms are very comfortable and the interior design gorgeous (loved the artwork), the restaurant was such a treat (especially the deserts, yum yum). Had originally booked for just my first night in NC, but changed my plans upon arrival just so I could go back for another 3 nights at the end of my stay!! Try to get a room at the front of the hotel (sea view) because it's lovely to sit on the balcony at night time when they have colour spotlights shining up to showcase the hotel. I think it will be a lovely place to stay in the warmer weather; the pool area and the terraces look very inviting. Because the receptionist remembered me from my first night, when I went back she matched their internet rate and threw in dinner aswell, so I was very pleased.

If I had to critique the hotel, I would say that I did not like the carpet in the rooms (but that's a particular 'peeve' of mine) and that you had to be a contortionist to turn on the bath taps due to the positioning of the - immovable - shower screen.

Regarding payment, because I booked online through the hotel's website, I just inserted my card details and did not have the hassle of having to fax or email my signature, (as required in Message 8). Don't know how much cheaper it would have been had I booked through previously mentioned websites.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this hotel.


PS Nigel: LOVE the photo!!


Joined: 17/10/2008
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Message Posted:
17/10/2008 09:00

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Be aware that this hotel is having a Conference room being built. I stayed in Room 109 and at 7o'clock every morning my partner and I were woken up by banging, cement mixers etc.

We ordered drinks from the various bars and were continually charged different prices and more often that not overcharged. It get's embarrassing when you have to repeatedly question the bill.

I put the remote control down on the bedside cabinet one evening and it moved a plastic folder that then touched the bedside light. This blew all the fuses and we were left in complete darkness. When I wrote an e-mail to complain to the hotel, it took 2 weeks for a reply and I was basically called a liar because if the double glazed windows had been closed that you cannot hear any noise through them. I was also told they checked all my extra's (bills) and I had NOT been overcharged. Also that they have the best electrical system in any hotel in Kyrenia. They insulted my intelligence and I would NEVER stay here again

fire starter

Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
17/10/2008 09:28

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had a drink there in jan this year.

you will need very deep pockets if you go into the bar.

met some people staying there, they were not impressed with the cold breakfasts they had been served. service was very slow was what they had to say.


Joined: 09/10/2008
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Message Posted:
17/10/2008 12:06

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I have stayed there for three nights in May 2008..

Great hotel, good food.. good cocktails !!

I didn't find it a good place to stay if you don't speak Turkish!!..

Ordering room service was a nightmare !!.

Reception could not answer any of my questions..

A/c in my room didn't work i reported this 3 times,nothing was done!!..

Maybe things have improved now !

They have now opened a beach club, i love it


Joined: 23/10/2007
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Message Posted:
18/10/2008 10:12

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We stayed for five nights in September - we couldn't moan about the cost because we got a really cheap deal - we had a standard double room - it is a nice hotel - I wouldn't go overboard though - the breakfast is very good. They had a 'Salsa' weekend and the music didn't stop until 3.00am!!! The rooms are not sound proof, could hear next having a wee!!!


Joined: 24/09/2008
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Message Posted:
19/10/2008 01:03

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l Have not stayed at the Malpas but hear theır music evert weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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