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Joined: 05/06/2008
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Message Posted:
23/07/2009 03:14

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ok, here is a question:

If the Orams are found guilty of any CRIME at all...surly then the TRNC gov, and ANY member of that GOV INCLUDING TALAT etc are also very much GUILTY of running what is on one level ORGANISED CRIME AND THE CONSENT OF MASS SELLING OF ILLEGAL PROPERTIES, not only giving full consent but actually encouraging and even profitting via tax/ stamp duty ect

Therefore should be charged with some sort of international crime??


Joined: 29/11/2008
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Message Posted:
23/07/2009 06:52

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Probably right - BUT - may as well charge the moon with the same crime as it receives as much "International" recognition as the TRNC and is probably easier to get into court than Talat would be. A bit tounge in cheek but you get the point maybe?

In simple words, the TRNC and its government/people can be charged with anything at all but serving such a charge is just a paper exercise as the country is not recognised by anyone bar Turkey - therefore the people in the country do not exist either! Unless of course you happen to want somthing from them, then they do exist until you have got what you want and can ignore them again!


Joined: 12/04/2007
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Message Posted:
23/07/2009 08:22

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Yep but Turkey IS recognised and they are fully endorsing the regime, so maybe aim it at Turkey instead


Joined: 19/04/2008
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Message Posted:
23/07/2009 10:37

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As far as I am aware at the moment the Orams have not been convicted of any crime by any court. The case that they lost in the ROC courts was a civil case for compensation and restitution.

Whilst I believe that there is a criminal law in ROC against owning GC claimed property in the TRNC (they wouldn't frame it in those terms) I am not aware of the Orams or indeed any other EU citizen who has been charged let alone convicted of such a "crime".

The government of the TRNC believe themselves to be right in the face of the international community and judiciary pronouncements against them. Time will tell as ultimately it will all come out in the wash.

What is nearly 100% certain is that there will be no criminal reriminations against the leaders. firstly this normally happens after a defeat in a war and secondly, their policy on land would not normally fall into the categories of "crimes" dealt with by the internationa law courts.


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