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27/09/2009 12:15

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Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that evoke emotions you donít experience too often in life. Unfortunately, weddings can also be a source of aggravation, frustration, and complete senility. When will you have your wedding? Who will be invited? Will you have a theme? What kind of invitations will you get? Many couples find wedding planning difficult because there is so much to do and so many things to buy ó how will you afford to do everything you want to do? The wedding gown can be an extravagant purchase and can be one of the more expensive items that you buy for your wedding. Most of us donít have an unlimited stream of income. We often have to sacrifice our dream wedding gown for something much more affordable and not as fantastic as the original choice. Well, ladies, there is hope. Think outside the box and perhaps look for a style thatís not so traditional and more modern ó youíll certainly surprise everyone. Or you can do what I did ó the husband and I packed our bags for Las V


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Message Posted:
27/09/2009 12:36

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i suppose it depends on where you go to look for your dream gown but no they do not have to cost the earth.

Come to Kibris Gelini and you can find something to suit all designs and budgets.

We can also help with the planning of your big day and everything else connected to leave you as stress free as possible.

Pop in or give me a call 0533 8661966


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27/09/2009 12:56

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Both me and my partner have been married before (him once, me twice)

We have said that we will probably get married again, but no hassle, off to a beach somewhere, just me, him and my son......

My son wants a cream jacket, and my partner wants a chocolate wedding cake....apart from that, they done care....

Me, i aint too fussed, a pretty dress, some flowers and the 2 people i love the most with me.....

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