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» Property Buying Procedure in North Cyprus


Joined: 29/04/2008
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Message Posted:
29/04/2008 10:28

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Hi guys been keeping in touch with Cyprus since we left, with this forum. Invaluable keep it up.

We still have a property in Cyprus which we have not been able to transfer into our names. Reason:

Solicitor is now totally ignoring us despite doing nothing for this 1000

Estate agents is not helping and never did once then got their money

Builder is in dispute with all 4 properties over boundaries issues, so not responding.

We bought 5 years ago through UK friends who owned an estate agents and thought they would give us good advice. Oh how wrong were we. Now they won't even get our (and their solicitor) to reply to our numerous emails. We know we are using the correct email address but he still ignores us. We have resulted in contacting the Properties Commission, but no news yet.

My only advise to others is think hard before using Unwins or the builder Serdar Ersoy or Solicitor Gurkhan & Gurkhan.

We now have a property we can not sell as its has boundary issues, they built the house 2m in the wrong direction as a 2m lane should go across out pool and septic tank which would make it illegal as all roads should be a distance from house walls. So should they knock down the house too??

Instead they have taken land from our neighbours and built the 2m lane above and is now inline with the top of our wall, so if the wall breaks the vehicles will fall into our pool!! Reason they built the lane, to gain access for Greystone builder to get water and leccy to his site (bet a few lira passed a few hands). But of course now the locals are using it as a short cut.

Instead of retiring we are now back working full time to pay a 100% mortgage here in NZ. Why here, because my OH is too old to get a decent job elsewhere in the world to make enough money to get our retirement funds back.

We loved Cyprus and had been living there for 4 years, it is now a sour memory of how we were duped by so called friends who had known my parents for 10 years in the UK. They duped my parents too, lucky for them they sold before the slump.

If this helps one person not to loose their pensions then I am glad I wrote it. But I was far to patient taking 7 years to make a fuss.

For those who know us, Hi and we miss you all and the sunshine


Joined: 31/07/2007
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Message Posted:
29/04/2008 10:53

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Hi Welly and welcome

Have you tried getting the help of the Homebuyers Pressure Group.

If you read you'll see they had similar boundary problems. Its since been sorted.

I do know of a house in Esentepe which was built 3meters onto the land of its neighbour and the restaurant the house backs onto has 3 or 4mtrs which belong to the house. This was sorted by a financial settlement and saved properties being demolished.

Good luck and hope something positive happens.



Joined: 29/04/2008
Posts: 16

Message Posted:
29/04/2008 11:11

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Yes it is the Homebuyers pressure group that have put me in touch with the Property Office.

It's the builder who is not willing to talk or negotiate the issue, hence why we have been advised not to put it into our names until its resolved. All 4 of us having been putting up with this, 2 of them have paid 20k each in solicitors fees already without it being resolved through the courts.

thanks for your thoughts#


Joined: 24/02/2008
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Message Posted:
29/04/2008 11:39

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It's a terrible story Welly and hopefully the PIO will be able to help you. Unfortunately I think the only way to communicate with these people (builders, agents, solicitors) is to do it in person. Camp out in their offices until they give you some explanations. Make a (polite) nuisance of yourselves in front of potential customers and see if they help you then.

Good luck.



Joined: 15/12/2007
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Message Posted:
29/04/2008 12:03

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Hi Welly,

I am so sorry to read your story. It is yet another tale of caution for people considering buying property in the TRNC. If you have the backing of Marion Stokes and her wonderful organisation HPBG you have the best! She fights tirelessly (without regard to her own circumstances) for property buyers, who have serious issues. She has the full support of The PCO which appear to be making inroads into many of the problems.

People who go on about wingers, and "doom and gloom merchants" need to take a reality check, to make sure they do not join the list. YOU ARE NOT HOME AND DRY UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR KOCHAN!

Until that point, we are all at the mercy of our builders. Only time will tell which are good and which are not. The internet plays a huge part in disseminating this information.

USE IT but only ever to relate FACTS!



Joined: 29/04/2008
Posts: 16

Message Posted:
29/04/2008 14:11

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thanks Wynyardman

I am off to bed as we are 10 hrs ahead of you.

Marion has not answered my last email, so will email her again.

For those who may not recognise us we brought in Stonemason OZ wine and started WOW magazine before we left.

Have read the link from orangekazzie and feel for them too. times have changes since the early 2000's, people have more information with these forums


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