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Dopi Tv off again !!!!!!!!!!!

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Joined: 10/09/2009
Posts: 111

Message Posted:
16/11/2009 20:59

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Dopi tv off again, its been ok lately but here we go again, been off for a while now, definetly be paying monthly next year if renewing at all.

I think refunds or credits should be made available by Dopi if the system keeps going down, what do you think?


Joined: 21/08/2009
Posts: 77

Message Posted:
17/11/2009 13:16

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Really fed up last night as the whole shebang was off for most of the evening, as you say been okay for a while but not prepared to put up with constant interruptions and downtime. We shall see.....


Joined: 19/06/2008
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Message Posted:
17/11/2009 18:38

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Had Dopi for 14months now, yes it is annoying when it is playing up but if anyone can tell me a better system and channel selection for the price i would like to know.

Many people i speak to who has a different system tell me they have problems more often and some much worse than we encounter.

Personally we are more than happy with Dopi and if there is a problem with a certain channel we ring Namik and usually it is sorted quickly,last week when sky news was playing up we rang him when we noticed and it was sorted within 10mins,sometimes a quick POLITE phonecall does the trick!

This particular stoppage is the 2nd major one in 14 months,is that bad or not?Maybe us brits are spoilt by our bbc/itv/etc and maybe the only way of being happy would be buy sky!But tell you the truth i cant afford it!

All i do know is the people at Dopi try their best but sometimes somethings are out of their hands.Oh and at least we have the unsubscribed channels we can still watch!Just my opinion.Thanx


Joined: 04/09/2009
Posts: 47

Message Posted:
17/11/2009 19:40

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Have to agree with stanley1, we had it put in start of last summer and had problems, but to be fair to Dopi they came out to us about 5 times until all the problems were sorted, replaced cables boxes etc at no charge and it has been fine since. If you compare what you get to the cost of sky etc I dont think you can complain.

I went there today with my box for it to be upgarded and they did it no problem. yes its gone off tonight for the first time in months,but they did text to explain the problem and I just think sometimes you have to except it. In the Uk during thunder storms sky could go off, so I just think give them a chance. Frustrating when off, but see how long it lasts first. I know people who would be thrilled with Dopi after the experience they have had with other systems.


Joined: 21/08/2009
Posts: 388

Message Posted:
18/11/2009 07:28

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Got a message on mobile from Dopi. Interference due to weather but are upgrading sat. to save further problems.

Today is best it's ever been, every channel instantly and no freezing, so far anyway. Hope it lasts.



Joined: 01/12/2008
Posts: 499

Message Posted:
18/11/2009 08:45

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At least the text us to let us know and like you say, back on now and good as new!


Joined: 24/09/2008
Posts: 186

Message Posted:
18/11/2009 18:08

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Its Down again and has been for the last hour and a half.


Joined: 14/02/2009
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Message Posted:
18/11/2009 18:25

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mines on, been freezing a bit but not much.


Joined: 05/10/2008
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Message Posted:
18/11/2009 18:30

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On and off for the last 3 days and still having problems.

Is anyone else having similar issue's-be useful to know before I give them a call.




Joined: 06/12/2008
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Message Posted:
18/11/2009 18:43

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We are in Edremit and have been having lots of problems .when we have phoned Namik we get the usual reply, it is being sorted, well I am fed up with the constant interuptions in service we never had this problem with dogdy turk Dopey (does have more choice of channels) if he is not careful he will lose a lot of customers over this, cant even get him on the phone tonight this is not the dark ages it is not stormy, windy raining or what ever else so why do we still have all these problems????Maybe he would like to reply in person


Joined: 23/12/2007
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Message Posted:
18/11/2009 20:21

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Naff all at the mo;

Barring Algeria v Egypt in arabic


Joined: 01/04/2009
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Message Posted:
18/11/2009 21:53

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I phoned on Monday they told me there was no problems to turn my TV off and start again

Tuesday received text to say there was a problem

Wednesday still no luck phoned again but they are not answering the phone

Will try to |E Mail them

getting a bit sick off there excuses

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