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Kibtek Christmas present to the Brits

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Joined: 07/06/2007
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Message Posted:
25/12/2009 13:44

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Once again the a**holes at Kibtek have given their customary pressie to the Brits (or those that celebrate on the 25th). Electric turned off for servicing. Cheers Kibtek, I hope your new year sucks!

To all you apologists who will say 'they are Muslim and dont celebrate Crimbo'... Dont be so naive, its a slap in the face and you know it!


Joined: 13/12/2007
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Message Posted:
25/12/2009 14:00

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They wrecked one of our last Christmas' there; 2006. Electric off from 10am to 8pm. Thankfully the Turkey had been cooked on Christmas Eve. I was doing 8 vegetables and needed our electric oven to work so as we only had 3 gas rings and I also wanted to do roast potatoes.

We hung on and hung on, but finally gave in at 6pm and I cooked off 3 of the veg and carved the Turkey by candle light. I wasn't a happy bunny that day I can tell you.

Now it looks like Kibtek are doing there usual tricks. I bet the electric wasn't off that much at the time of Bayram was it?


Joined: 06/12/2009
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Message Posted:
25/12/2009 14:05

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it is on at lapta, where is it off ?


Joined: 06/02/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 13:44

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We had no problems here in Lapta either.


Joined: 17/07/2008
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 17:33

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no problems in Girne

didnt need any more problems what with moving etc


Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 17:40

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Must be localised, not heard anyone say they lost electric.

In answer to 1, what do you expect people to do for the day, nothing!!!! It is nothing to do with religion in this country 25th December is not a holiday, get used to it. How many british effected on 25th compared to the whole of the population!!???? You are a very minor, minority group.


Joined: 22/01/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 17:58

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no probsa in Iskele either


Joined: 04/10/2009
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 18:34

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If the 25th of December is not a holiday, (and christmas is not celebrated here in north cyprus) then why were 30 land registry staff treated to a "christmas meal" at the Archway ??


Joined: 21/07/2008
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 18:38

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curly horses for courses. We had a small cut xmas dat about 30 minutes. Nothing likr the one and I will remember that day 20 hours we were off with 70 booked in for lunch. Donty they gave us a break xxxxxxxxxxx


Joined: 08/12/2008
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Message Posted:
27/12/2009 18:40

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i had the same thing last year when stayed at my house in karpas i posted and sombody also comented on my posting saying i was winging till sombody came back and reminded him he had been complaining the year before mind you he,s a t ser anyway dosent own a house car or anything i fill sorry for you and how if you plan a day the electric is important but hope it went well anyway


Joined: 16/06/2009
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Message Posted:
28/12/2009 00:10

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"KIBTEK Cristmas present to the Brits"

I am sure,they went round picking you "Brits" one by one.

Get a grib.


Joined: 29/03/2009
Posts: 1924

Message Posted:
28/12/2009 00:28

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Guess I was lucky that I did not experience any power cuts Christmas day, but I would like to point out that we did in our village for several hours during the local recent Bayram - so it is NOT aimed at the Brits - just another of those little things that make the place Cyprus! It may be infuriating, but it is infuriating for all, and I for one have no idea of the probs that Kibtek face as everyone puts on their electric at full blast for heating, cooling, cooking etc.

But of course, EV ERY power cut always happens just as I want to use the computer!


Joined: 20/06/2008
Posts: 745

Message Posted:
28/12/2009 01:17

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No power cuts in my neck of the woods either, must be a conspiracy just aimed at you DONTY, may be you need to check out your conections!


Joined: 21/09/2007
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Message Posted:
28/12/2009 01:51

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I worked 3 years in Istanbul and we were always given consideration and respect

for our Christmas celebrations. Ridiculous to suggest they deliberately did this


Joined: 01/11/2008
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Message Posted:
28/12/2009 06:32

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Curlywurly. Any Dinners that government staff are having now or Christmas day are new years annual staff dinners, because they cannot findplaces nearer new year so they celerbrate early......


Joined: 25/06/2008
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Message Posted:
28/12/2009 10:38

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This is my 7th Xmas here, only had a power cut once (2005) for 1 hour on 25th Dec.

Absolute nonsense to suggest KibTec target Brits or whoever on such days.


Famagusta Walled City

daisy dukes

Joined: 06/09/2008
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Message Posted:
28/12/2009 10:44

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I lost power christmas day for 4 hours....but, turns out my mains had tripped...doh!! So silly sometimes!!



Joined: 25/04/2009
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Message Posted:
28/12/2009 12:01

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MESSAGE 1 What a small minded pathetic statement. Why oh why do you live or holiday here , if that is how you feel.

You should know what it can be like here, Why do think almost every single business has a back up generator.

We have had no mains electric since feb 14 th this year. (it's no big deal) we cope infact we live very very well.

Just goes to show what a load of spoilt B------s we have become having everything put on a plate in the UK.

Enjoy the life here, and don,t be so negative.


Joined: 14/06/2008
Posts: 813

Message Posted:
28/12/2009 12:12

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Oh dear - thia Donty certainly knows what to post!!!!! and then no more to say.

25th December İS just another day here - sorry - but that is a fact - does any other country in the world check all religious dates and occasisons prior to actioning any work - get a life!!

There was a power cut on the last bayram too - a long one at that.

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