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Recommendation wanted for a mattress for bad back

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Joined: 06/11/2008
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Message Posted:
05/01/2010 16:17

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Can anyone suggest a good mattress to buy here for a bad back - have been looking at Tempur but too expensive. Has anyone tried the imitation memory-foam type?


Joined: 19/12/2008
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Message Posted:
05/01/2010 16:40

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I have a Tempur mattress which I bought from the UK and would not be without it!! for me and Mr Snakes it is Heaven!! I also have a memory mattess by Feather and Black which is just as good but the Tempur tops it, just a slight difference. Tempur in UK do a 28 day free trial..or they did about 4 years ago. I know that they sell Tempur here but I do not know if they have the same trial period.


Joined: 30/08/2009
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Message Posted:
05/01/2010 17:08

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We had friends from the UK over and his back had been playing up for years, unable to sleep through the night and once here did so on local mattresses and had one shipped back to the UK. I have just checked on the side and it has YILDIZ SUPER ORTOPEDIK YAYLI YATAKLARI (EBAT 140x190) on the side. I know that the shop next to Fiskos in Girne (near Astro) have these mattresses so would recommend you give them a go, good luck.


Joined: 29/11/2009
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Message Posted:
06/01/2010 15:30

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I would agree with Mrs Snakes about Tempur. With a bad back and years of sleepless nights Tempur changed everything. They are the best; we also had another cheaper memory foam one before that but there is no comparison. Here there is a shop on the main road in Karakum that sells them. In the UK if you can confirm that you have a chronic back problem you are entitled to buy one VAT free.


Joined: 08/08/2008
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Message Posted:
06/01/2010 16:47

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Homefront have a very good selection of mattress's in their showroom including orthopedic

the butler

Joined: 22/06/2007
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Message Posted:
06/01/2010 17:08

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Bite the bullet and buy a Tempur as it is the only memory foam one available in the TRNC. I have spent hundreds of pounds on mattresses including orthopedic over the years and nothing compares. As you spend a third of your life in bed isn't it worth it for a good nights sleep?

The butlers wife


Joined: 31/03/2007
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Message Posted:
06/01/2010 17:28

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Tempur is the best.

Also, probably most expensive in UK too. We paid in region of 1.000 about 8 years ago but neither of us regreted a penny.

Bought Tempur pillow cao wife has problems with neck, again nver a doubt.

Back and neck problems are the worst so get the best to solve the prob.


Joined: 18/02/2008
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Message Posted:
06/01/2010 17:41

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Tempur mattresses & pillows are the best quality. If you're not sleeping comfortably read some of my tips for a good nights sleep.



Joined: 30/01/2007
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Message Posted:
06/01/2010 18:06

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Jarpdap,the orthopedic mattresses from Homefront are the causes of bad backs


Joined: 13/11/2007
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Message Posted:
07/01/2010 11:07

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If you want to spend only 100 for an orthopedic mattress, like every other furniture suppliers, we have those as well as the memory foam mattress which is about 600 for a double size - we have that too. So, it really depends on what you are ready to spend on your mattress.

100 mattress, I must admit is not the best quality - but for people who wish to rent their properties as holiday rentals and do not want to spend hundreds and pounds on a mattress, looking for a budget package, then it is perfect choice for the purpose. We have 12 different ranges of mattresses in our showrooms start from 100 to 800

Thank you




Joined: 21/08/2009
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Message Posted:
07/01/2010 15:25

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Chiropractors & Osteopaths will tell you that 'orthopaedic' (i.e. firm to very firm) mattresses are absolute no-no's for bad backs. They make things a lot worse. The spine needs some flexibility during sleep and ortho mattresses have no 'give' in them and the sleeper ends up tossing & turning all night and wakes up with a stiff spine. Steer clear. Tempur mattresses brilliant, but for back sufferers to really benefit a mattress depth of around 23cms is bes. The deeper the better (though more expensive, of course!).

MSG 10 - guests in rented properties that offer hard, unyielding mattresses (in other words, cheap ones) will not return. Its a false economy and very unfair to paying guests, with or without existing back problems. Medium mattresses with a good depth to them are kind to people using them and to purchasers' wallets.

PS I speak from many years experience!


Joined: 31/07/2008
Posts: 297

Message Posted:
07/01/2010 17:47

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Tried the cheaper alternative to Tempur and it was not as good even though the claim was same build components. We have purchased 2 Tempur now, (we went up from double to king). The toppers are as good as the cheap alternatives in my opinion.


Joined: 23/08/2009
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Message Posted:
07/01/2010 18:46

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Just slept on a 3" deep memory foam mattress topper and that was excellent


Joined: 25/07/2008
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Message Posted:
07/01/2010 23:23

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you need a pocket spring mattress from either hypnos or vi spring (I'm not affiliated to either)- expensive but you spend a third of your life in bed and its nice to get up in the morning pain free. one of the cheapest hotel chains eg Travelodge got that message and use hypnos hotel beds brilliant. I have a hypnos really thick pocket spring mattress nearly 10 years old now = will probably as they say see me out but great nights sleep always = don't stint on your back health and comfort. As the advert says .You re worth it



Joined: 21/07/2008
Posts: 13081

Message Posted:
07/01/2010 23:33

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I never suffered with back problems until I came here. The mattress are poor quality . At least Home front know this and can identify the problems. It is a false economy to buy cheap if you suffer and in my opinion Tempur is the best. I know they are expensive here, maybe look to turkey or greek side its got to be worth it for your health. if i could afford it thats what i would have. Many years ago I did a promotional campaign for Tempur. They gave me two pillows to thank me. Well it took me ages to get used to them as i love my feathers. After I did I found my spine more aligned and no neck pain even brought them here


Joined: 29/11/2009
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Message Posted:
08/01/2010 12:33

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Joanie1 I would agree with you about Vi Sprng mattresses being good BUT ours is now on the spare bed and we use a Tempur which is unbeatable for back and arthritic problems. No aching joints and a great nights sleep. Vi Spring are good IF you have no such problems. Tempur is unbeatable for those that do have such problems.

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