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HSBC Internet Banking impossible from UK

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Joined: 13/06/2009
Posts: 73

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 16:04

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Cannot log in now using our tried and trusted method, it appears because I was rash enough to get a Turkish HSBC Visa card I now have to use a different log on system: As below.

If you enter the information correctly, your user code will appear on the screen, your parole will be your birth date, and you will receive your HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking password on your mobile phone via short message (SMS). This SMS is free of charge and, , the password you receive will expire in 7 minutes if not used.

My mobile for TurkCell is totally useless in UK, where I am now, hence a password not possible. Internet Banking if in possession of a Card is now not possible.

Is it me or any one else had this problem and overcome it.


Joined: 26/07/2008
Posts: 2012

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 16:14

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I have the same problem but with Garanti Bank - since I've been back in UK they have 'upgraded' security and I now need the pin code they have sent to my Turkcell phone grrrrrhhh Oh well I'll just have to wait till I get there and sort it out - least I can't touch the money so it's enforced saving!



Joined: 31/01/2009
Posts: 1024

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 16:26

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I am normally in Cyprus and have no problem accessing my UK, Turkish or Thailand HSBC accounts. Nor from Thailand but I have not been in the UK for a long time. But it is interesting that they all have different log-in systems.

The Thailand system is the best. You are given a little gadget that, when pressed, gives you a random 6 digit numeric code that you must enter during log in. The random number algorithm in the gadget is unique to your account and the central computer knows your algorithm and verifies your number accordingly.


Joined: 14/06/2008
Posts: 908

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 17:27

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Msg 1 have you tried contacting them to give them a UK mobile number? This system only came into force on 1st January, up until then there were messages when you logged in saying that you needed to ensure that the mobile number associated with your account was up to date. HSBC's telephone banking number is 0392 444 0 111 but you will need your telephone banking password and probably your customer number.


Joined: 24/02/2008
Posts: 2953

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 19:02

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Failing the advice in message 4 you could try emailing for help as she may be able to update your mobile number for you. Having said this, I have always found the telephone banking personnel helpful and have always been able to speak to someone in English.


Joined: 23/06/2009
Posts: 396

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 19:08

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Have to say I find HSBC here excellent, unlike my experiences with them in UK....however Uk and Turkish accounts are now linked together and all works well. I would agree with other postings, if you are in the UK then give them your UK mobile number to send you the one time password number, if you are trying to access your TRNC account from the UK. Or, speak to Julie or Dilek.


Joined: 05/08/2008
Posts: 255

Message Posted:
17/01/2010 21:51

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You will have to use the customer service helpline to make adjustments to your contact number, Julie and the branch staff cannot help you with this one.

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