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Joined: 10/03/2008
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Message Posted:
04/06/2008 15:28

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Read this on another forum today.

The Cypriot Pound was replaced by the Euro as the official currency in Cyprus on 1 Jan 08 so if you were saving old cash for a future trip to Cyprus you wonít be able to spend it.

Officially Cypriot pounds can be changed free of charge at Cypriot credit institutions until 30 June 08. In the UK this means the two London branches of the Bank of Cyprus. If you are planning to go back to Cyprus any bank will change the money to Euros until 30 Jun 08 and the central bank in Nicosia until 2017.

As at 2 June some bureau de change are also still changing the Cypriot pound back to sterling, including Travelex branches, TTT Moneycorp at Gatwick and Stanstead airports and HBSC, so others may be too. Travelex will only change money until 30 Jun 08, whilst TTT Moneycorp and HSBC can't guarantee how long they'll be doing it, so itís best to change your cash now if you have some hanging around the house.


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